Jose Mourinho’s Post Match Reaction After The 4-2 Loss

Our first pre-season game might have been a disaster, but a big shouldn’t be made on our 4-2 loss against New York Red Bulls, reckons Jose Mourinho.

After just 6 days of training, we were up against a motivated team who were in a better shape than us. Well, at least, we did have a really good session!

Let’s see what Jose Mourinho thinks of our performance:

“I was surprised by our fragilities.

“I said before we have no fragilities but today we had fragilities, lots of fragilities. I was surprised that we were not good enough in the second half to cope with that.

“We hit the post two or three times. I don’t know, but they’re young guys, they have quality, and motivation and their motivation is really high to play against us.”

“They gave us a good training session. If we came here and won 10-0 I would not be happy because it would mean it was too easy. We needed the game they gave us.

We were especially dire in the second half and Mourinho reckons this is where we lost the match. Our defense was in shambles and the co-ordination between Begovic and the defenders was non-existent. Although, it will take some time to get used to:

“Obviously we needed to play better than we did in the second half defensively, and there were also too many missed chances but the intention of pre-season matches is to play, to run, to bring intensity back, so no problem.

“We are a top team, we have top players. We only started training six days ago. The kids that played for Red Bulls were very good opponents for us: sharp, quick, fast, and highly motivated. I believe they were so happy to play against Chelsea.

“They gave us a good match. They are not going to forget they beat Chelsea, even if it was pre-season.”

Source – SkySports

As I said, it was just a pre-season game. Next up, it’s Paris Saint-Germain where we have to be a lot more clinical and coordinated than we were today. Hopefully, the boys will learn from the mistake and gear up for the next challenge!

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