Jose Mourinho Talks About Willian, Cuadrado And Falcao – Will They Start The Next Game?

As a player, pre-season are basically meant to get back to your full fitness!

Radamel Falcao, Willian and Juan Cuadrado joined our squad just a few days ago after having an extended week off due to their involvement in Copa America. With just a couple of training sessions under their belt, Mourinho still gave the trio a good run out of 20 minutes on the pitch.

You would think that’s unnecessary given that, they are still far behind the other guys, in terms of fitness levels? Mourinho was inquired the same question and here’s what he had to say:

“I discussed it a lot with Rui Faria (assistant coach) and we thought that 20 minutes of football is more rich, has more ingredients, than training in a small group of three.

“So we decided to give Falcao, Willlian, and Juan Cuadrado this 20 to 25 minutes, which was very good for them.

“Now, they are not ready to start but, against Barcelona, I think they can go from 20 to 30 minutes. I will give them that.”

I agree with Mourinho here. Instead of training in a group of three, a 20 minutes of competitive football against Paris Saint-Germain seems a much better option.

As Mourinho said, the trio is not yet ready to start against Barcelona, so we will probably see them coming on to the pitch at the hour mark. Hopefully, this time Falcao can get his goal and Cuadrado finally makes an impact!

Meanwhile, Paris Saint-Germain had an excellent first half against us where they threatened to score a few goals. So what went wrong? Here’s Mourinho with his verdict:

“Paris St-Germain’s intensity was obviously much higher than ours but, as a training session and a complement for what we are doing, it was very good for us.

“Step by step, the players have some more happiness in their legs.

“We still feel some of them have accumulation of fatigue with slow movement and slow thinking and that goal was typical – too slow to think to take the ball out of the pressure zone,

“But, step by step, we are coming.”

Source – SkySports

Step by step, we are coming closer to the start of the new season!

Obviously, the players aren’t back to their full fitness yet, hence, the slow first half against PSG. But, I sincerely hope, we pull our stuff together in time before that Community Shield game against Arsenal! We have to let Petr Cech know that he made the wrong decision to join the Gooners after all!

Next up, Barcelona!

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