Jose Mourinho Press Conference – Chelsea Duo Fit To Start Against Arsenal

Another day, another Jose Mourinho press conference. Although, this time it’s a pre-match conference before we square up against Arsenal for the Community Shield title!

Let’s look at the important bit of news that came out of the conference:

On the injuries to Costa and Cahill

“Both Diego Costa and Gary Cahill fit and can play on Sunday. There are no concerns, no protections [for Costa]… we have three top strikers. I’m not worried. No problem.”

When inquired about John Stones?

 “I don’t speak about other clubs’ players.”

 When inquired about Baba Rahman?

“I don’t speak about other clubs’ players.”

When quizzed about the competitiveness of the game tomorrow?

“I think it’s in between. It’s more than a friendly, like with Barca/PSG [friendlies last week], but it’s less than a league game. Different motivation.

Asked if he enjoys beating Wenger?

”No. It doesn’t matter, Arsenal, the manager, whoever. Who knows? I’ve never made a special thing about wins over Arsenal. I don’t explode with happiness when I beat them, and I won’t make drama when I lose.”

On the Cech situation?

”It is no problem for me. I did it already: Inter versus Chelsea. I don’t agree with you. I think they always had very good goalkeepers. Now they have one more.”

When quizzed about the Premier League potentially losing a Champions League place?

”With four teams in Champions League, it is not a big deal. I think people will only wake up when we have three Champions League places.”

Source – Mirror

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