John Terry – I will Never Play For Any Other Premier League Club!

John Terry, the “Captain, Leader and Legend”, possibly the best Chelsea player of all time, the face of the Chelsea Football Club, I will be out of words and metaphors before I can describe what he means to the Chelsea fans!

John Terry has been a loyal servant to this club and we just can’t imagine him in any other colour, except Blue, right? Since the second coming of Jose Mourinho, we have seen the Englishman resurrect his career under “The Happy One”. But, standing at 34 years of age, Terry is most definitely at the twilight of his career.

Soon, there will come a time when the veteran defender will no longer be starting the games every week. How will a player of Terry’s stature will cope with it? Will he go the Lampard route and sign for our rivals? How much longer can he stay at the top level?

Let’s see what Terry has to say on the following questions:

“I am not taking anything for granted.

“The manager has said if I can keep my form, I am in the side. But, if I don’t keep my form, he will have no qualms about taking me out and putting someone else in.

“We have an honest relationship, I don’t doubt that he trusts me. Hopefully I can repay that, because he has been superb to me. I will give him everything.

“And he has been a father figure in my career so I owe him an awful lot. I realise one day that my career will come to an end so I want to give everything these next few years.

“Every summer I work more or less every day to give myself the best chance. If it comes to that point where I am left out of the side, I know it’s not through any fault of not trying.

“I could handle being out of the team. No doubt people like me and Steven want to play. Those are our natural instincts. When you play your whole career, it’s hard.

John Terry also talked about Petr Cech joining our rivals. The Captain only had kind words to share for the Czech GoalKeeper:

“(But) Petr Cech was a model professional last year and that is why he got the move he wanted, because of how well he reacted around the place.

“I have seen other players go the other way. I certainly would go down the Petr route and continue giving everything to the squad.

“If I then felt Chelsea were going to release me or thought I had nothing else to give, but I thought I could, then of course I would still want to continue to play. But that would not be in the Premier League.”

Source – GetWestLondon

A bit more stress on the last sentence: “That would not be in the Premier League”!

Frankly, it’s impossible that Terry joins any other side in the Premier League after what he has done for this club. I was heart broken and very much surprised after watching Lampard put on the lighter Blue jersey, but I can’t see someone like Terry doing that to us!

John has always been a legend to this club and will receive a proper send-off from the fans, once he decides to hang up his boots. Hopefully, he will be associated with the club in some way or the other even after the retirement!

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