“I Get Kicked Around A Lot” – Eden Hazard Talks About The Frequent Fouls Committed On Him

Eden Hazard is the best Attacking Midfielder in the Premier League by a country mile. The Belgian is a defender’s nightmare which is evident with how often he is kicked around on the pitch.

The winner of the prestigious PFA Player of the year award and also the most fouled player in the Premier League (mainly because the defenders have no idea how to stop the twinkle-toed winger), Hazard has never whined about the fouls committed against him.

During an interview with “The Observer”, Hazard said:

“Sometimes I am in pain after games. I have to take some anti-inflammatories or something like that but I like to have the ball at my feet and, when I have the ball at my feet, I get a lot of kicks, but this is football.

“Sometimes I get kicked, sometimes not. We have a lot of physios and they work very well because we play every three or four days. It’s important. I am able to stay calm, though. That’s just the way I am. I don’t speak a lot to the players or the defenders. I just want to play, to dribble, to do some skills.

“The worst one last season was against Stoke, with Phil Bardsley. When I see the video, it’s crazy. I just play. I always say after the game that, if I’ve had a lot of kicks, the game was good. I don’t care about kicks, I just want to score.”

Source – SportsMole

During his three seasons at Chelsea, I have never seen the Belgian whine about anything!

Meanwhile, Mourinho has been pretty vocal about the fouls committed on Hazard, but that hasn’t stopped the defenders from committing them. Maybe, the referees need to pay a bit of extra attention at this matter. But given our history with the referees and the FA, I don’t think we should expect any justice from them!

As Mourinho would say: IT’S ALL A CONSPIRACY AGAINST US!

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