Good News – Oscar Hopes To Stay With The Blues For A Long Time!

Various tabloids have been linking Oscar to Juventus for the better part of this transfer window. As stupid and unreasonable as it sounds, an Oscar/Pogba swap has been the headlines of the newspapers across England and Italy. Jose Mourinho had already made it clear that the “baby faced Brazilian” is not for sale, but that seemed to have no effect on the silly rumors.

The only one remain who remained quite on this matter was the man himself and maybe that’s why the rumors remained afloat instead of drowning in the sea of ridiculousness.

Well, eventually realizing that it’s time to put the silly rumors to bed, Oscar has made it pretty clear that his future lies with the Blues!

“My future is in Chelsea. In the last year, I have signed the new contract and I love Chelsea; I want to stay here for a long time.”

A long, long time. Eventually long enough to retire as a Chelsea legend! That’s the dream!

Oscar also had a few words of praise for our imminent signing, Robert Kenedy:

“Of course he’s young, he needs to play games in order to improve his game but (Jose) Mourinho is the best coach and he has Brazilian guys here and everybody will help him.”

Robert Kenedy has been linked to the Blues for a long time. The Brazilian is currently training with our first team at Montreal which means his arrival is imminent. The young Brazilian will probably head out on loan before he gets a shot at the first team.

But, what about the other newbie, who has to play a major part for the Blues next season? Yes, I am talking about Radamel Falcao!

We want [him] to play his best here. I think everyone will help Falcao to play [his] best because we know he is a really great player.

Source – Sky Sports

Radamel Falcao has been out of form for nearly a year, but Oscar maintains that the Colombian will be a success at the Bridge. Millions of Chelsea fans all over the world hope so too! Good luck to Oscar for the new season and hopefully, he doesn’t fade away in the second half of the season!

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