Good News Chelsea Fans! – Loic Remy Set To Stay With The Blues

Ever since Radamel Falcao joined Chelsea for a season-long loan, the whispers of Loic Remy leaving the Bridge have only grown louder.

The Frenchman started just six Premier League games for Chelsea last season and it was widely reported that the Striker was not happy with his limited role in the side. Although, the Striker’s season was mostly barred with injuries and also Diego Costa’s Super manly form; there were more than few instances where Mourinho preferred Drogba over Remy as the starting Striker.
Result? Transfer rumors!

But, there’s no need to worry! To all the Loic Remy Fans, we have got some good news for you! The Striker has publicly acknowledged his allegiance to Chelsea and is set to stay with the Blues this season:

“I am [flattered by the interest] but I never wanted to leave this club because I feel really good.

“Yes, of course I want to play more but I’m sure I can play more here.

“So that’s my target and I just try to make it happen by working hard and show everybody and the manager that he can count on me. For me, my mind is here and I don’t want to leave at the minute.

“For so many reasons I want to stay – because we won two trophies last season and because I’m sure that we’re going to win more, so for me it is really exciting.

“I want to be a part of this project and there is no reason for me to leave now.

“This season there are a lot of games and I will have my chance and now I have to be ready to be not injured and to be ready at the good time.”

Remy also acknowledges his injury problems that usually coincided with Diego Costa’s Hamstrings problems last season which resulted in Remy missing several golden opportunities to establish himself in the side.

But what about the arrival of Radamel Falcao? Doesn’t it threaten the Frenchman to compete against the likes of Costa and Falcao?

“Falcao for me is one of the best strikers in this league so it’s good for the club to have this kind of player.

“For me there is no problem, it’s just a good thing that he joined us. And it’s going to be good because now we have three strikers and if one of us is injured we know that we can count on three strikers and we know there are a lot of games in the season.

“At Man United he had trouble with injuries but before that he was a very good striker and scored a lot of goals. So for me it’s good – the same as Didier [Drogba] last season.

“You learn everything, you learn a lot training next to this kind of player. For me, it’s all good to have him and Diego next to me to improve and be a good striker.”

Source – Mirror

Good talk from the Frenchman! I remember another “complete striker” who ran away watching the likes of Ba, Torres, and Eto’o in the change room, rather than compete for the starting spot!

Now let’s concentrate on John Stones, eh?

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