Gary Cahill Persuades John Stones To Sign For Chelsea

A certain young, homegrown, Central Defender is what we need to complete our puzzle as Jose Mourinho has made it pretty clear over the last few days!

John Stones has been linked to Chelsea for quite a while now and even though Roberto Martinez has expressed his anger over this whole saga, Jose Mourinho hasn’t stopped talking about the hopefully, soon to be former Everton player!

With Stones himself excited over the idea of joining the Premier League Champions, it’s Gary Cahill who has made the next effort to persuade the young star in signing for us.

“When Chelsea came calling for me, it was an opportunity. It was a chance and looking from the outset you may not be sure how it’s going to go but it’s one you can’t turn down, you have to grab it with both hands. Then you have to work as hard as you can to make it work.

“He will look at the club, look at the players, and look at being involved in a squad like ours. Could looking at my list of medals play a part, too? Yes.

“Personality wise he will fit into the group straight away. Potentially he can be a top player, not just for us but also for England.

“I think England will benefit too because he will get more experience playing in the Premier League and also the Champions League. I’m sure he will become a bigger and better player for that.

Surely he will! John Stones may not be a regular in our side straightaway, but the kid has got the potential to replace John Terry eventually.

But what about Gary Cahill? Having both John Stones and Kurt Zouma potentially puts Gary Cahill’s place in jeopardy. Isn’t he threatened with the idea?

“Even the likes of JT, the captain, who has played at Chelsea and been part of the fixtures and fittings for years, he is always fighting, every season he is fighting.

“It will be no different now and it is healthy for the team with the amount of games we play as well.

“A mixture of the senior boys like JT, who has been there and done everything and the young lads like Kurt, even me — I’m still learning too — so it’s great to have that mix together.”

Cahill insists having the likes of Stones and Zouma can only benefit the team in the longer run and he is ready to fight for his place too! Cahill also played few games alongside Stones for England national team and he knows the quality of the defender. Here’s what he thinks of the 21-year-old:

“I saw he was very comfortable on the ball from the first time I saw him. He was still a young player learning, you could see that.

“At the time you weren’t sure what position he was going to play in, right-back, centre- back and in training he  sometimes played in holding midfield.

“I am sure in the next few years he will fill out, learn a lot and potentially he can be a fantastic player.

“If you look at his attributes, he has a lot to offer.”

Source – Standard UK

So, there you have it! After Jose Mourinho, it’s Gary Cahill who has taken it upon himself to persuade the English defender to sign for the Stamford Bridge outfit. Hopefully, he succeeds in his quest!

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