Fiorentina Ask Chelsea For The ‘Prize’ Money In The Egyptian Saga!

Not Pogba or Griezmann, it’s the Mohamed Salah saga, that has been ruling our transfer window this summer! 

We are already aware of all the legal threats and the Paolo Panerai meltdown that has been going on in this soap opera. It’s fair to say that things are quite messy in Italy right now but, fortunately, Salah did make the first sensible decision in over a month by returning to Chelsea for the pre-season. As per his agent:

“The player will go to the training camp with Chelsea. The English club meet up again officially on Thursday in London, and Salah will be there with them.”

It’s pretty obvious at this point that there’s no way Salah is returning to the Viola for a season-long loan and it seems that Fiorentina have finally realized this too. A little late maybe but at least they are back to their senses or are they?

“The Viola have asked Chelsea for the €1 million they already paid, plus an additional €3m as a ‘prize’ for helping the club increase his value.”

Source – Kingfut

As we already know that Fiorentina had paid 1 Million Euro to Chelsea to acquire the services of Salah for a season-long loan, but Salah Vetoed against it hence, all this pandemonium!

But a 3 Million Euro fee as a prize for increasing his value? Well, that’s a new! ’til now Chelsea have been clear of this madness but it looks like we are about to enter this war pretty soon. It seems like Fiorentina are trying to get their hands on anything they can manage. First the legal threat to Salah then the outburst at Inter Milan and now this. We just hope that Fiorentina comes back to their senses sooner rather than later!

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