Finally A Sensible Rival – Vincent Kompany Applauds Chelsea’s Defensive Tactics

We were the best team in England during our title winning last season. If someone doubt’s that, he is either a rival or a deluded person like Arsene Wenger!

The truth is, we played some brilliant and attractive football during the first half of the season completely demolishing most of our rivals, if not all. Due to lack of depth, fatigue or whatever reasons, the road got a bit tougher during the second half and as a result we got a bit conservative with our football. But, if you think the art of defending is easy, you are again as deluded as Wenger or Pellegrini!

Well, at least Vincent Kompany, being a defender, is smart enough to acknowledge the fact that we were the best team in the league by far:

“Chelsea were the best team in England by far last season. They played attractive football against the teams they know they could afford to play attractive football against. In matches they knew would be harder, they were very efficient. There’s an art to that you have to respect.”
Source – FourFourTwo

Right! Only a defender can understand and respect that art. Vincent Kompany, being one of the best defenders in Europe, understands the importance of defense and that’s why he respects what we did last season. Perhaps, Arsene Wenger should learn something from him before criticizing us on our tactics!

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