Chelsea Midfielder Hits Back At The Media In The New Episode Of The Soap Opera

We covered a news story yesterday where we wrote how Fiorentina threatened to take legal actions against Mohamed Salah. Here’s the link.

As we promised to keep you posted on any further development on the situation, here’s what’s going on in the new episode of this soap opera:

Mohamed Salah, who has mostly been quite during all this mess, and has let his agent do the talking (which was probably an even worse idea), has finally opened his mouth. Here’s what the winger tweeted:

“I respect Fiorentina. The rumours in the media aren’t always credible. Thank you for appreciating me in such way.”

When a fan wrote back to Salah, asking the reason for all this mess, and that too after all the things Fiorentina did for him, the 23-year-old replied:

“The rumours in the media aren’t always credible. I respect Fiorentina and don’t want to talk right now.”

Source – Football Italia

I don’t think this issue is gonna get resolved that easy. After all, Salah’s agent had some nasty things to say for Fiorentina, using words like “Pathetic” and “Professionalism” for Viola. Not cool, even for the agents!

So what’s the role of Chelsea in all this mess?

That’s a good question! As far as I know, Chelsea were quite content on loaning Salah to Fiorentina for another year and even agreed a sum for the same. But, apparently, the winger also had some kind of saying in his loan destination and that’s where the complication starts. The Egyptian, after having a stellar season with Viola, is looking to move to a bigger club with “moral and professional values” in his agents own words. Hence, all this mess!

Will this legal proceedings affect us in any way?

I am not sure! But as I said, this fiasco is far from over and we will probably see some new development in the coming few weeks of this extremely popular soap opera!

After watching the Copa America final yesterday, all I can say is; things are quite messed up with the real as well as the wannabe Egyptian Messi!

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