Can This Be The Season Hazard Reaches The Ronaldo/Messi Level?

We published an Eden Hazard interview yesterday where the Belgian talked about the constant fouls committed on him.

Today, Jose Mourinho, who has had an awful lot to talk about in the past few days, backed up Eden Hazard with some of his own assessments on the Belgian:

“I would like more protection for him, but it’s beyond my control.

“The only thing I can do is what I am doing and what Eden is doing, which is to work and work and work to be stronger and stronger. I don’t want to change his mentality or personality. I don’t want him crying or overreacting. I don’t want someone to touch his shoulder and he reacts by throwing his hands in his face like some players do. I want Eden to be what he is – absolutely fantastic.

“Eden is coming with big status now and was voted one of the top ten players in Europe last year. In my opinion he should be in the top three not in the top ten. Let’s see what is going to happen but we have these people. But let’s say John Terry and Branislav Ivanovic are our captains and the others are ready to come.

“On the pitch Eden leads. He is not afraid to take responsibility. He is not afraid to get the team in a dark situation and bring blue sky again for the team.”

Jose has been demanding more protection for Eden Hazard for the last couple of seasons, but we have been sort of like “Hollow man” to the FA and the Referees. It’s impractical to demand justice anyway if you are Chelsea Football Club! Ah, the jealousy!

Talking about Hazard’s evolution, manager stressed on the fact that Hazard has to get better this coming season if he wants to be the best in the League and possibly Europe:

“To repeat the awards,  I believe he has got to get better because the normal tendency is for people to find another star.

“People find somebody new to get these individual trophies. But he has all the conditions to improve. With his age, he can improve.

“I talk to all of them (the squad). Medical department too. I told them. You have to be better. Two years ago we reached the CL semi-final but he didn’t play. He didn’t play in Madrid, he played injured at home. So he arrived in that crucial moment not in condition.

“Last year we didn’t do well and we were out immediately so he also needs a good Champions League. I’m not saying winning but I say a proper Champions League. But no matter, he is fantastic.

“He’s getting stronger and stronger, not just in his body, but in his attitude. He’s mentally tough. He’s not the kind of boy who overreacts. After a bad tackle he never rolls and rolls like other players do. He doesn’t try and push referees to make certain decisions. Eden is not this guy. He’s loyal and honest, and gets lots of respect from opponents because of that.”

Source – Express

Yes, the Champions League!

Mourinho has never managed to win a Champions League with Chelsea and that has to be a motivation for the manager and the players this coming season.

In order to win or even go deeper into the tournament, we need Eden Hazard to be at his absolute best, consistently. Hazard had an evolution last season, but now, the Belgian needs to improve on that and be the force we all know he can be. It’s time for Hazard to finally reach the levels of Ronaldo and Messi!

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