Analysing Petr Cech’s Move To Arsenal – What It Means For Chelsea

When you open the wikipedia page for Petr Cech, the following is written:

”Petr ?ech (born 20 May 1982) is a Czech professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for English club Arsenal and the Czech Republic national team.”

Yes, exactly. It doesn’t sound right now, does it? And before you even think about it, it hasn’t been done by some deluded Arsenal fan. Want more proof?

We can’t even begin to fathom the implications of this transfer. Over the years, lots of Arsenal players have come to Chelsea for trophies, success and even money. But this is one those rare times when it’s actually the other way around. Let’s just put into perspective the analysis of this transfer.

First of all, the Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho had straightaway made his position clear on the whole situation.

“One thing is José Mourinho, and another is Mr Abramovich, and another thing is the board because the board is a little bit of me and a little bit of other people. If it was me if it was my decision, the decision is Petr to stay. That’s it. It would be my decision for Petr to stay. Even against his will? Yes. For me, decision number one, Petr will stay. After that, second point, to go but not in England. The option I don’t want is for him to go to an English club. But, I repeat, I am just the manager and he means so much for this club, and what he did in this club, I think he deserves everything from this club. If the club decision is different to mine, I will accept it.”

Source – Guardian

After the big goalkeeper had left, he had the following to say.

“I support the owner’s decision to honour the player in this way. Petr has been a great servant for Chelsea for 11 years and helped this club to win almost everything there is to win.”

Source – Dailymail

I’m sure most of you would agree with the fact that it was the biggest amount of respect the club could give to him. With Jose at the helm, this type of transfer isn’t something that happens every day. Now add it to the fact that Cech was sold to Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal. The same Arsene Wenger, who is arguably the Portuguese’s most hated rival. That in itself is huge. Arsenal looked a real good team last season, but with the addition of a world-class goalkeeper, it looks like the Gunners may well be the 2nd favorites to the title after Chelsea.

After that comes the fact that there was a disagreement between Jose, the Board and the Owner. However small this may be, it is certainly a point to be considered. The main reason Jose and Roman split up in the first place was due to disagreements in transfers. Supposedly Cech helps Arsenal to a premier league title, which seems unlikely; Mourinho might have had something to say to the board.

Now, let’s have a plateful of stats. According to sportzwiki and barriesview, the pair played an almost identical number of matches last season with Szczesny featuring in 17 and Ospina in 18. During those games, Ospina made just 0.06 errors per game that led to goals. In contrast, Szczesny made 0.18. Ospina had far more clean sheets – 0.44 per match to 0.18 for Szczesny. The Colombian stopper also made more saves per game – 1.94 to 1.65. Now comparing that to Cech last season in his seven appearances, he had kept five clean sheets with a save ratio of 2.08 per match. Adding to that is a whopping 88.9% of shots saved for Cech against 81% for Ospina and 68.2% for Szczesny.

Clearly it shows here that Cech is far better than the two other goalkeepers of Arsenal. Now in the season before last, Mark Schwarzer played for Chelsea in a Champions League semi-final at the age of 41 and had a decent outing. This simply means that Cech has at least 4-5 years of top-level football within him. The way Arsenal had been developing last season or two can perhaps add a bit of belief within them that this might be their year.

At the end of the day though, we must all remember that the club is bigger than a player. A player- doesn’t matter if he is world class or not, has left Chelsea for first team football. This only means that Chelsea are better than Arsenal in every facet of the game, be it attacking, defending, or goalkeeping.

Despite the words of John Terry that Cech might save them 10-12 points next season; we can safely say that it won’t be that high. Getting 10 million pounds for a 33-year-old player is a good deal, and a replacement can be easily found, who’d be happy to be on the bench. I guess we won’t regret this. What do you think? Give us your comments below!

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Edited By: Karan Dubey

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