A Poem Dedicated To Petr Cech

Infinity- Gone is the Guardian.

The man who,
Salvaged every single route,
The man who showed up, Week in week out.

The man who kept,
Every single a bit right,
He wasn’t a hero,
But a real dark knight.

He shielded every shot,
Tracked every run,
He made such saves,
Which left us stunned.

One after another,
Day after day,
He kept every single,
incoming threat away.

Then came a moment,
of absolute shock,
As on his head,
He took a nasty knock.

The knock that left him,
pain rode and numb,
Which could have cost,
Him days to come.

But as always,
He fought back,
As from the claws of death,
He made a hack.

What happened next,
is no mystery,
As whatever he did,
Is now a part of history.

He created an aura,
he created a name,
As in the extra,
Of the Munich game.
(2012 UCL Finale)

My lungs had run,
out of their depth,
As the guardian had,
leaped to his left.

Making a
“Once in a lifetime save.”
one certainly the blue
Fans did crave.

Those seconds will,
Last forever in my mind,
As they were special,
And one of a kind.

You inspired me,
Since I was a kid,
A hearty thanks,
For everything you did.

To watch you play,
In blue was a treat,
Wishing you luck,
You legend, Big Pete!

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Edited By: Karan Dubey

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