“We Have To Buy A Striker, Because We Want To Have Three Good Level Strikers”, Says Mourinho, Hinting Towards Falcao

Now that the UEFA Champions League final is over and all clubs are enjoying their vacation, a lot is churning in the transfer market as even the most ridiculous of rumours have started surfacing the social media platforms.

But what else can one expect in the summer transfer window. This time, last year nobody expected Fabregas to sign for Chelsea, similarly a lot of such totally unexpected transfers took place and this year can be no different.

The Sunday Times met Mourinho recently for an exclusive interview after his return from Sydney after the post-season friendlies. Mourinho opened up about his summer plans and transfers:

‘It will be difficult to find players to go straight into the team, because it’s not easy to find a better striker than Diego, a better keeper than Courtois, a better midfielder than Matic or Fabregas. It’s not easy to do what we did last season, where we bought two or three players and they went straight into the team.’
‘This season is about improving the squad. This season is about improving the squad, bringing players to make us more consistent, so we don’t go through difficult periods like last season when we had crucial injuries. We have to try and protect the situation by adding two or three players.’
‘We will be better. I don’t see our team losing players. We lost a striker who scored four goals in the Premier League, but three of these goals meant important points for us. So we have to buy a striker because we want to have three strikers of a good level.’

And nobody would miss the indications of these last two lines, which according to the Times is a clear confirmation about his interests in Falcao. Mourinho is looking to strengthen the bench and add more quality to it (which is not a good sign for players currently on it ). This sounds like more rotation next year and rest for all the important players, something that pulled us down this season. One cannot deny that the players became more fatigued in the second half of the season, it even looked like they were missing their cutting edge.

Well this also cuts down our expectations of a big signing like Gareth Bale (who said in a recent interview that he will not be leaving Madrid) or Paul Pogba. Mourinho seems happier with his squad this time around and wouldn’t be looking to make major changes to it.

But you should always expect the unexpected with Mourinho. But what this definitely says is that a quality Striker will be landing at the Bridge for the coming season.

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Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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