The Most Controversial Chelsea Transfer Saga Soon To End

The transfer market must certainly have been conceived by some wicked wizard that had been alive for hundreds of years, with not much to do but watch the seasons change.

As time went by and Kingdoms rose and fell before its very eyes, the wizard watched with intrigue and patience. After centuries, there came a time when things came to a standstill, or so it seemed to the wizard. He was bored. In desperation of utter boredom through the dark ages, the wizard/witch must have decided that no one should ever have to endure such times that refuse to move on. Thus, the Summer transfer window was born.

Gael Kakuta might be a name that many Chelsea fans are familiar with. Once a beacon of bright hope, he is now but a figment of the memory for most. However, those who remember will know that he was the Bertrand Traore of 2009, the only difference was that he was a more controversial player than Traore (hopefully) can ever be. Officially bought for peanuts from Lens in the summer of 2007, he was to be the a prodigy. His transfer was shrouded in controversy and confusion. His high time was when Ancelotti was at the helm of Stamford Bridge. You know the Italian, right?

The one who won La Decima for Real Madrid and was then fired. Apparently, he has never been a fan of shenanigans like rotation and youth development. So off went Kakuta on an infinite cycle of loans. After nearly 5 years and six clubs, the loans have devoured his contract, which is to expire next month.

It is at this point that the ‘Silly‘ part of the rumour takes over! Apparently, Sevilla who just won their second Europa trophy in a row are interested in the Lille-born winger. Unai Emery has all but disowned them after taking them to Champions League group stage for next season. But there are reports that he has signed a contract renewal with the Spanish club and has ditched London hopefuls West Ham. In addition to this mumble-jumble, reports have indicated that Kakuta has agreed to sign a four-year contract. The same reports state that Chelsea will receive a transfer fee for the Frenchman in the region of three million pounds.

Now, how a club gets the transfer fee for a player whose contract is expiring would be of major interest to Manchester City. However, as a layman, I fail to understand the technicalities of that mechanism. It doesn’t happen that often, does it?

Still, as they have stated, the transfer will be discussed between Chelsea and Sevilla once their managerial circus returns to the hometown. Quite why it’s not be discussed independently by the player’s representatives is out of common understanding. Let’s just let it be that way until real news comes out.

For his part, Kakuta had decided to stall on a decision until Sevilla came out of the Unai Emery situation and now that it appears to have been resolved by the Andalusian club, things should get back to the fast-track.

The reason for this interest from the Europa League winners is Kakuta’s performance for his last (again, hopefully) loan club Rayo Vallecano. He has played 35 matches in the league, totalling 3056 minutes. In doing so, he managed to score 5 goals and provided 7 assists to his team-mates. That does not earn Bertrand Traore or Patrick Bamford kind of press attention but it apparently attracts the interest of a Europe going team. Hell, in his case it ‘apparently‘ involves a bid one month before his contract expires so as to secure the deal. Sweet!

Let’s all be glad he finally gets his due and can concentrate on football. Here’s hoping a good performance from the soon to be an ex-Chelsea prospect. Now bring those Bale rumours on!

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