Sterling For 50 Million Pounds? Seriously, Liverpool?

In the search for an elite winger, Chelsea have been linked to a plethora of world class players this summer. From Marco Reus to Gareth Bale, everyone was supposed to join us eventually, but as it turns out, most of it was just rumors. What a surprise!

Well, as the spot for a winger is still vacant, our search for a winger continues and Raheem Sterling is another player who has been touted for a move to the Bridge.

While, still not exactly World Class, the young Englishman does tick a few boxes. Young, English and having the potential to be a world beater are the few qualities which separate Sterling from the mediocre.

But, if you are a fan of the winger and want to see him in the Blue shirt next season, well, you might be in for a disappointment!
According to the reports from Sky Sports:

“Chelsea are interested in signing the 20-year-old but are not prepared to meet Liverpool’s £50m valuation of the player.”

Source – Sky Sports

What? Did someone say 50m? That too for a Liverpool player?
I think I am having a deja vu! Are we signing Torres again?

To be fair, I am not against the signing of Sterling. I think presently, he’s one of the best English talents in the league. If a player like him is available, we should definitely be on board as Raheem could develop into an exceptional player one day. But when a 20-year-old is valued at 50m pounds? Well, I say, we should pass! Reason?

Well, Sterling is a player to look out for future and currently he is no way an upgrade to our starting eleven. There’s a good chance he will come good, but there’s an equally good chance he turns out to be another overrated Englishman. Besides, we know its first hand how a player can succumb to the pressure of 50m pounds!

At that price, I don’t think even Mourinho would be interested in the signing of the winger. Although, stranger things have happened in football!

Anyway, what do you guys think? Should we go all out on Sterling or should we pass?

Comment away!

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