Jose Mourinho Hints At Four Transfers In Interview

The transfer mill is in full flow, churning out rumour after rumour. Most of them are absolutely dustbin materials while rarely one finds credible news or leaks as they happen. Sometimes, when you are lucky, Mourinho talks and that’s exactly what the Chelsea manager has done. Hint: It’s about transfers and managers.

Newspapers and websites have linked Chelsea to all sorts of players. Last January, they managed to start rolling with Messi. This summer it has been comparatively dull. Paul Pogba news is thin on the horizon and not many other stars are on the move as yet. However, in terms of strikers, Chelsea are back to the past. Bread and Butter of the 2013 transfer window were Radamel Falcao and Edinson Cavani. Both were linked to Chelsea at the time. Rumours are still afloat concerning both the Strikers. Chelsea on their part have managed to attract just one of them. You get nothing for guessing that it’s Radamel Falcao, ‘El Tigre’ of yore.

Oh how the mighty have fallen, the wages speculated for the Colombian are much closer to 100K than they are to 200K. His well-scripted failure at the Red Devils has helped in its own way. This way he is much more palatable.

The likes of Christian Benteke have also featured every now and then. What better way to hear it straight from the (little) horse’s mouth. Mourinho gave an interview recently:

“We have to buy a striker because we want to have three strikers of a good level,”

a good level of striker could be anything, keep guessing. But he follows with more:

“We do not want to have just one [transfer target]. Then you lose a good position on the negotiation table.”

Now that translates to Chelsea following not just Falcao, but at least a couple more strikers. He is indeed right as always in doing so.

“It will be difficult to find players to go straight into the team,”

“Because it’s not easy to find a better striker than Diego, a better keeper than Courtois, a better midfield player than Matic or Fabregas.”

“This season is about improving the squad, bringing players to make us more consistent, so we don’t go through difficult periods like last season when we had crucial injuries. We have to try and protect that situation by adding two or three players.”

“We will be better,”

“I don’t see our team losing players. I don’t see our team losing our qualities, especially our mental, emotional approach to matches, to the season, to the competition.”

The easiest way of translating all this into plain, simple language is this: You won’t get to see Izzy Brown on the bench because Drogba is no longer there. Perhaps even Remy is not a sure shot for next season. Besides, It is unlikely that Oscar would leave, as Mourinho prepares an (hopefully!) all-conquering squad. It also means there will be no more 4-2 to Bradford or 5-3 to Tottenham. Only 6-3 to Everton and 5-0 to Swansea. Yay, Coke all around!

In another part of the interview, he opens up about his style of play. It appears Mourinho is, as always, dismissive of the Brendan Rodgers breed of managers in addition to the Wenger variety:

“creating [illusions] and it has influenced public opinion . . . The objective [of football] has not changed and it is to win. When people talk about a new generation of coaches — what is that new generation? The generation will always be the ones that win. And the ones that win occasionally or never win will always be something else. There is no new generation.”

There is certainly a piece of wisdom in their for all the managers who try to make it appear that Mourinho is evil or his approach is flawed. In undeniable fashion, he even denies their existence. How graceful!

How soon we will hear about the three or four players that Mourinho will bring is still up to speculation. One thing that is not up to speculation is that there is a ‘good’ striker inbound. Exciting times lie ahead.

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