Is The Colombian Making Way For Griezmann/Bale/Reus After A Flop Show At The Bridge?

Last few weeks have been exciting as we have seen plenty of world-class players being linked to Chelsea. Although, amidst the talks of the new signings, we might also see a few of our stalwarts on the verge of leaving the club this summer.

Didier Drogba has already said his goodbyes while Petr Cech might also have played his last game in the blue shirt against Sydney FC. There’s one other player who joined the champions last January, but has failed to make any impact whatsoever. Yes, we are talking about Juan Cuadrado!

There are some players who settle to this League like a duck to water (Eden Hazard and Diego Costa for instance). Others need some time to get used to the pace and physicality of Premier League before they can make an impact. Juan Cuadrado seems to have fallen into the latter category! The Colombian might have lit Serie-A alight with his goals and assists before arrival, but has struggled to impose himself with the Blues.

The lightning fast winger has been shrugged off the ball quite a few times by opposition fullbacks, and it’s no secret that he lacks the physicality to combat the Premier League defenders. The space he used to prefer and utilize to make daunting runs in Serie-A have been minimal with the Blues which has made him look like a rookie in most of his appearances. Sure, he still hasn’t had a decent run in the league and Mourinho has labelled him as a player to watch out for next season though doubts are already starting to linger amongst the fans. Maybe that’s why we are already seeing stories of him being linked to his home sweet home! An Italian newspaper is reporting something about this situation:

“After joining Chelsea in January, Cuadrado could already be heading back to Italy. The Colombian winger struggled to find the space with Mourinho but his strong performances for Fiorentina make him a target for Serie A clubs. Inter is interested but so is Roma who could become even more interested should Gervinho leave. Cuadrado’s agent Alessandro Lucci will meet with Chelsea in the next few days to discuss the situation.” (Source: Gianluca Dimarzio)

Frankly, we don’t know how much the truth is behind this news, so rather take it with a pinch of salt?

Mohamed Salah has already shown us what he can do in Serie-A, which explains why a player of the calibre of Cuadrado, has struggled to adapt to the Premier League. They are reverse examples of a similar phenomenon. Still, the Colombian has been only here for six months and has had just a handful of minutes under his belt. Judging him based on his limited appearances this season is completely unjustified and for all we know, he might turn out to be a gem next season!

But then again, if we can sell Cuadrado for an odd 25M pounds to raise funds for a Griezmann/Bale/Reus signing, I am completely on board!

This summer is surely going to be interesting!

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Edited By: Ojas Tripathi

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