Diego Costa is NOT Unsettled, Here’s Why…

Spanish daily Marca and other sources recently reported that Chelsea’s top scorer last season, Diego Costa is apparently “unsettled” in West London. The report also stated that Diego wants to leave Chelsea, even willing to take a pay cut to return to his previous club, Atletico Madrid. (Source: MarcaIndependent)

There are numerous reasons why this is nothing but a ridiculous rumor. Let us take a look at a few of them:


Speaking strictly from a footballing perspective, if a footballer is in a bad frame of mind; the same should impact his game as well. But that isn’t the case as far as Costa is concerned. He was in red hot form for almost the entire season, scoring 20 Barclays Premier League goals in only 26 appearances.

Weather Conditions

The only point which might make some sense in an utterly ridiculous report. We can certainly agree that the weather in Madrid is much better than London. But then football can be played even when it rains, so why bother?


Marca have said that the food in London doesn’t match his tastes. But then again, it’s not like he’s hitting the sandwich bars on the Fulham Road all the time after training! He probably has a personal nutritionist/chef and is eating at the best restaurants London can offer when he’s not having lunch at Cobham. The standard of the restaurants in London is as good as anywhere in the world. So one would argue that if you think the food in London is terrible, then it’s down to your selection of places to eat.


He doesn’t speak the local language. Fair enough. But so do hundreds of other players who go out to a foreign country to play football. And if Diego were so overly concerned about not knowing English, he wouldn’t have signed the 5-year contract. Again, that doesn’t lessen his goal-scoring powers now, does it? Since he is a Brazil-born Spaniard, he must surely know Portuguese and Spanish fluently. So language isn’t a problem as half of Chelsea’s backroom staff know them two languages, and so do most of the other players.


The general behavior of Costa towards the Chelsea fans has been really good. That point was supported by the fact that he was seen sitting in the stands with other Chelsea supporters in the Liverpool home game after Chelsea won the league. The passion with which he was throwing back the celery in the open top bus parade to the fans doesn’t mean that he loathes us. It simply means that he enjoyed it and was celebrating the league success not only as a player, but also as a fan.


Even if Costa has ‘supposedly’ agreed to take a pay cut, the fact remains that Atletico need more than the amount they got for him when they sold him to Chelsea. With the poor TV rights and everything, Atletico can’t afford that much money without selling their current stars, which they are already reluctant to do. Adding to that is FFP, which makes it even more difficult for the Spanish club.

Other Rumors

Villarreal, another Spanish club, are most probably set to lose their Striker Luciano Vietto to Atletico Madrid, with the player himself admitting that a deal is on the cards. So if they have already decided to add another good Centre Forward, on top of the three existing ones, it doesn’t make much sense to spend on Costa.

Marca And Silly Season

Many people consider Marca to be the Daily Mail of Spain. They can generate the most comical transfer rumors by themselves and not be bothered to check for any logic in them whatsoever. Adding to that, is the fact that this is the silly season, i.e. less football and the transfer window to open soon. The tabloids invariably have to make some news to sell copies and fill their back pages.

Meanwhile, more reports are emerging that Chelsea “has no intention to sell Diego Costa, as Jose sees him as a valuable player in his future plans”. Hooray?

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Edited By: Vikram Vadiganeni

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