Courtois Happy Working With Big Pete But Understands If He Wants To Leave

What happens when you have two of the best players in the world competing for a single position?

Well, the younger one usually wins the race based on his future potential and the fact that, well, he is younger!

So what happens to the other, older, world class player who is forced to sit on the bench, even though, he would be a clear starter in almost every other top club in the world?

Well, the older one usually cause few tantrums, a large amount of mess and puts the reputation of his club in jeopardy, all the while causing everything to destabilize his younger counterpart!

That’s a usual scenario that happens during this kind of situations and it’s quite normal too unless, well unless, you have a gentleman, a professional like Petr Cech in your dressing room!

It’s quite evident that someone of the quality of Petr Cech would just walk into any side in Europe right now barring a couple of clubs. Unfortunately, we are just one of those clubs! Having Thibaut Courtois, who is 10 years younger than Cech and already has the same qualities and capabilities means, the Belgian has to get the nod over the Czech international. Still, for a man, who was a clear starter in one of the best clubs in the world for 10 years; it must be really hard to swallow all his pride and ego and stay professional about it. But, that’s exactly what Cech has done all this while!

Let me remind you something that happened a few months ago. You do remember Courtois having a collision with Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez, which left him dazed and taken to the hospital to find out the extent of his injury?

Any other player would have identified this situation as an opportunity to start for his club again without any regard to his counterpart’s injury, but not Cech! Here’s what Courtois had to say about it:

“Not long after the game had finished, and I was in hospital, Petr tried to call me twice and later he texted me.

Source – The Guardian

That’s pure professionalism from the big man! There have been plenty of other stories where Cech has helped Courtois settle in with ease without causing any havoc in the dressing room regarding playing time and that deserves a lot of respect!

So, that’s why when the Belgian was inquired about the goalkeeper situation at the Bridge yesterday, he had all but respect for his club team-mate:

“Petr is a fantastic guy and I worked really well with him.

When you look at Petr’s quality there is no doubt that he is one of the best in the world and I think we pushed each other to a higher level.

“I think we have seen in the games for Chelsea that if I was not playing he was playing and he saved the team as well. So I think it was a very good year for Chelsea.

If he stays I am happy. If he leaves I understand as well.”

Source – Express

This coming from a guy who has been in the news for the goal keeping feud with his national team-mate Simon Mignolet for more than one time and also with the backup goalkeepers in Atletico Madrid, is quite impressive.

The following statement just proves what a brilliant attitude Cech has had during his time at Chelsea.

And yes, I know there are fans who wouldn’t entertain the idea of Cech leaving for Arsenal (yuk!) or Manchester United for one bit (I am one of them too!).

Even Jose Mourinho has made it clear, if it was in his hand, Cech would probably stay or else move to a different league altogether. But, given the professionalism Big Pete has shown, playing for the most part as a backup keeper, I wouldn’t have much regret if he decides to move to a direct rival! After his years of service to this club, I guess he has earned the right to make his own decision too!

P.S. – Mourinho has talked about a possible player swapping deal involving Cech so, Alexis Sanchez/ Angel Di Maria, it is then, eh?

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