Chelsea Reportedly Chasing The Young Sensation From Lille

Last few transfer seasons haven’t been kind to my health. It all started with Juan Mata and continued with David Luiz and Andre Schurrle. I thought, my heart already in countless pieces, wouldn’t be able to tolerate any more of this heart breaks. But then the news of Petr Cech came! Why Gooners Pete? Why? Sigh!

Okay, this can continue for hours. Let’s get on with some other transfer news, shall we?

Adama Traore has been lighting the world on fire in the youth ranks!

For those who don’t know him, the 20-year-old midfielder is a Mali international who has just notched up 4 goals along with 3 assists in the recently concluded event in New Zealand. His brilliant performance has resulted in him being awarded the player of the tournament trophy.

It has also prompted Traore’s manager Fanyeri Diarra to say some nice words about him:

“He’s a great player. And I have no doubt he has a great future in the game.”

Source Express

As we know, being Chelsea; it’s our birthright to kidnap every young talent from all over the world and send them on loan to far away destinations to develop them further. If they are Courtois level good, they will get a shot with the first team while, the De Bruyne’s will eventually be sold for profit.

Adama Traore definitely ticks all the boxes of our shopping list. Perhaps that’s why, according to the French newspaper L’Equipe, the midfielder is being tracked back some of the Premier League giants, including us!

Adama Traore is a player for the future, and there’s no use debating on this transfer just now. We all know the midfielder has got the potential but can he convert that into consistent performances? Well, that we will have to see. Although, with a talent like that, I do hope we can snatch him off for a reasonable price from Lille!

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