Chelsea Emerges Richest As Premier League Distributes Income To The Clubs

The Premier League season came to a close a couple of weeks ago. However, the officials behind the scenes have been hard at work. The Blues for their part have embarked on the post-season tour to Thailand and Australia.

However, there’s been news in terms of the things that keep the clocks ticking at the club: the money.

The Blues won their game against Sydney FC by a small margin of 1 goal. The Premier League has now released information regarding the amount of money paid to the 20 clubs involved in the Premier League this season. According to the infographic, the Blues are the highest earning club of the Premier League. Ahead of both the Manchester Clubs as well as London rivals Arsenal. In accordance with the Premier League charter established in 1992, the major source of income remains the TV rights deal, both domestic and Global. The distribution of income in the Premier League is said to the most pleasing of all league for the clubs participating. This claim is legitimate because unlike Spain where Real and Barca negotiate their own terms, half the money is split equally among all clubs and then performance in the league decides the remaining portion of payments.  Queens Park Rangers, the bottom club this season, have received a considerable amount of income and the ratio of their income to that of Chelsea’s is 1.53:1. Chelsea have managed to rake in just short of £99 million this season, which is almost £2 million more than the Red Devils, the most financially strong team in the League. On account of performance, Manchester City have managed to remain the closest followers of Chelsea. After the upcoming season is over, the new TV rights deal will kick in and there will be a considerable increase in the Premier League clubs’ income. The Premier League and its clubs have already decided that a good portion of this increased financial firepower would be used for causes that benefit the overall footballing community instead of skyrocketing player purchase prices and astronomical salaries being awarded to the stars.

Chelsea had 25 games broadcast live in the United Kingdom, following closely behind United, who had 27 games broadcast. Manchester City had 26 games broadcast live while Arsenal tied Chelsea to the number of games broadcast live. It is because of this reason that Chelsea have received less money as facility fees when compared to both the Manchester clubs. You see, the facility fees are paid for providing the facilities of broadcasting games for each game that is broadcast live and hence the money is directly dependent on that number.

All in all, it was one more metric where the Blues have left their rivals behind, on merit. Future continuation of the trend completely depends on the League performance of the Blues in the seasons to come. The club will also benefit from an ever-increasing income from the continental competition and its TV rights money. Although FFP has now been reduced to a joke, such financial success would allow the club to match most high profile clubs in terms of transfer expenditure whenever the need be.

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