Chelsea Apparently Interested In The 29m Pound Rated Napoli Striker

The whispers of Alan Pardew’s interest in Loic Remy has coincided with the talks of Radamel Falcao to Chelsea in the last few days.

And now, there is another rumor that has started doing the rounds on the internet that concerns our striking department. We are talking about the Gonzalo Higuain to Chelsea rumors!

According to several media sources including The Metro, the Argentinian striker is the new name the Blues are after, to add to their shopping carts this summer.

A bid close to 29M pounds is said to be considered among the Chelsea scouts and even if this news is just another attempt to increase the paper sales, let’s take a look at the few pros and cons of this transfer!

The 27-year-old striker is definitely an elite player who is more than capable of putting the ball back in the net, rather consistently. Just look at his stats with Real Madrid and Napoli where he has scored 142 goals in 259 apps combined! Impressive to say the least!

Not the fastest of all and definitely not boasting any unusual athleticism, the ex-Real Madrid player’s game mostly depends on his excellent poaching and finishing abilities. Higuain is also very skilled at playing with his back to the goal thus, he might fit right in at Chelsea.

Add to that, Jose Mourinho has also previously worked with the Napoli star during his stint at Bernabeu and knows his game inside out so, that shouldn’t be a problem either!

The only issue I would have with this transfer is; we already have the No.1 striker in Diego Costa and Higuain, for all his talent, doesn’t have a great deal of chance in displacing him!

Loic Remy seems to have settled in his backup role and I can’t think of a single reason to let go of a man who scored 9 goals in his limited appearances last season!

The other thing is, Higuain doesn’t offer anything different to our current crop of strikers. Competing for 4 trophies, we would probably need variations up front to revert to different tactics during times of such need. I don’t see Higuain as a much different striker to Remy. Certainly a bit better in terms of abilities, but not enough to splash that kind of cash when we have other areas of squad that we need to work on.

I guess, with the departure of Drogba, a Falcao kinda striker is what we need up front who can hold up the ball, latch on to the long balls, is brilliant in the air and can use his physicality to hold off the defenders.

Not to mention, if he can even replicate 50% of his Atletico form, we will have one of the best crop of strikers in Europe!

So, Falcao it is then!?

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Edited By: Ojas Tripathi

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