Breaking News – Mourinho Drops A Bombshell On The Possible Signing Of Falcao

The Internet has been overwhelmed with the reports of Falcao joining Chelsea for the last few days, albeit, without any concrete evidence or statements from the player or the manager.

Fans were inclined to think of it as a senseless rumor; one that was being exercised by Jorge Mendes to hype up his client’s reputation in the market. But as it turns out, this might not have been the case at all! We spent countless hours trying to justify this move and apparently, for all this time, Jose Mourinho and Chelsea were indeed interested in the Colombian striker!

Let’s look at some of the nice things that Mourinho had to say about “El Tigre”, talking with a South American TV station, DirecTVSports:

“If I can help Falcao reach his level again, I will do it. It hurts me that people in England think that the real Falcao is the one we saw at Manchester United.”

Source: Daily Mail

Indeed boss! We, as Chelsea fans, certainly remember the real Falcao, as a beast who destroyed us with Atletico Madrid 3 years ago in 2012 UEFA Super Cup in Monaco.

Now sure, 3 years and a career-ending ligament injury have passed by since Falcao has done anything worthwhile on the grand stage. His last on-loan season with Manchester United was a nightmarish one for his standard as the Colombian could rack up just 4 goals for the Red Devils in all competitions.

We all know how stubborn Jose Mourinho can be and with Louis Van Gal failing to bring out the best in the star striker, the apprentice will certainly be motivated to try his hand on the out of form Colombian!

On a serious note though, some fans are hoping for Patrick Bamford to nail down the Drogba void but that looks highly unlikely. Mourinho is never going to trust an inexperienced player to start for him week in week out while, it would be highly detrimental for a young striker like Bamford to spend most of his time on the bench.

Remember we are Chelsea and not Arsenal! We play to win titles and if Bamford can prove himself yet again, this time on loan with a Premier League side, we can talk on this next season!

Right now, we need an experienced 3rd striker to fill the Drogba void, and if we can get someone like Falcao on cheap, well, I say, get him! A Costa and in-form Falcao combo along with Remy…Damn! In Barney Stinson’s own words, “It’s gonna be Legen … wait for it … dary”!

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Edited By: Harshal Ahire


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