Bertrand Traore’s Work Permit Battle Finally Resolved! Should The Youngster Join Our Squad Next Season?

“Traore does not play in England because he has no visa. Otherwise, he would already be playing with us. Bertrand must now ensure that he plays enough international matches with Burkina Faso.”
                                                                                                                                            SOURCE: Chelsea TV

Those were the exact words from Jose Mourinho when he was asked to comment about Bertrand Traore’s situation last season.

The comments were particularly interesting considering the young Burkina Faso international was just 18 years old during that time. So, when a manager like Jose Mourinho goes out of his depths to praise a teenager, there’s got to be something special about him, right?

Well yeah, he just proved his worth while on loan with Vitesse this season where the youngster banged 17 goals with the Dutch side! 17 goals! That’s pretty impressive folks!

And if you are a fan of the striker/winger and want to see him with the first team next season, I have got some great news for you.
According to the reports published in the Guardian:

“Bertrand Traore will have an opportunity to prove he merits a place in Chelsea’s first-team set-up when he travels with the senior squad on their pre-season tour of the United States next month after the Burkina Faso teenager was granted a work permit to play in England.”

SOURCE – The Guardian 

If we go by Mourinho’s comments and the general hype surrounding the talented youngster, he will pretty much be in the first team set-up next season. And if he does, the question is, what position would he play and how would he settle in our already talented squad?

As far as I think, our squad is pretty congested on the attacking front, although, we still have a vacant spot on the Right Wing. 4 Attacking Midfielders (not counting Fabregas and Ramires) for 3 spot won’t cut it in the 4 competitions and we would need another depth option, preferably on the Right Wing, to challenge for all the trophies next season. Traore ticks all the boxes there as he is young, talented, has the manager’s trust and is fairly strong and well built to survive the Premier League. Oh, and he also prefers the Right Wing so, there’s that too!

Another theory is that Traore can be used as a 4th choice striker if God forbid Costa kills someone and gets suspended while Remy and Falcao pick the exact same moment to get injured because well, yolo! Traore did score most of his goal as a striker for Vitesse. Check the highlights and you will find some extraordinary long-range shots from outside the box which will leave you drooling off his abilities!

The youngster can play in multiple positions and has a fairly impressive resume for a 19-year-old. Damn! he is still just 19-years-old! Imagine if he keeps developing at this rate for the next few years? We might have a gem on our hand folks!

With the Work Permit issues now clear, I wonder if he would head out on another aggressive loan or will he stay with the good guys and try to cement his place with the first team. I also wonder about Patrick Bamford’s chances of making it at Chelsea if Traore does stay!

What do you think guys? Comment away!

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