United’s Derailed Super Striker Rumoured To Join Chelsea

Just when cutting your hair is not enough and you have to take a hefty pay cut from a hefty salary, you know you are not going through the best of your times. Further, when the 4th placed team decides they don’t want you in their team anymore, you know you have messed up. So you know you had admirers once, and they could help you prove yourself once again. That’s Radamel Falcao for you.

This past week, Manchester United opted not to opt for the luxury of signing on loan striker Radamel Falcao permanently. Monaco have been suffering through the repercussions of a summer spending that left them stunned financially. Apparently, the French club are very adamant not to have the Colombian striker on their books, and who could blame them. In fact, nobody is to blame for the saga that revolves around ‘El Tigre‘. It was United’s Torres debacle but only lasted a season.

According to various sources in the past day, the striker seeks redemption, at Chelsea. Jose Mourinho has always been an unashamed admirer of the player. He had gone on record to say that a player like Falcao should not be playing in front of a meagre three thousand people. Due to Financial Fair Play, Mourinho and Chelsea steered clear of the striker though, opting for the bargain of the season in Diego Costa.

However, if Chelsea are to strengthen for Europe and also cope with strengthening opponents in the league, they need a striker to ably fit in for Costa when he is suspended or injured, which is not a rare thing. The determining factor has to be the price that Monaco ask for, and the salary required by Falcao. According to recent reports, at least one of those situations has taken a positive turn. Falcao is said to be willing to accept a large cut in his salary in order to stay at a top club in the Premier League and what better way than courting the champions themselves. Besides, if Monaco are really to cut their losses on such a transfer disaster, they need to be willing to suffer some sort of loss so that the offer is tempting for Chelsea to bid.


The time to earn money on the potential of this rumor is gone perhaps. But at a decent price, it should be a good deal for the Blues. The odds strongly favour the possibility of this transfer. Besides, the journalists have also been claiming that initial contact has been made between club representatives and the player’s side.

 It seems some kind of official announcement would be imminent before the Copa America. No sort of fee is mentioned anywhere though. However, it is rumoured that Falcao will accept a pay well below Chelsea star Eden Hazard’s salary. Diego Costa and Loic Remy are the remaining designated strikers in the team at the moment and if the Mourinho is indeed to involve some youngster as the third choice, it seems Remy might be the collateral damage. The source of these rumours are rather trustworthy. Lets see what hands are dealt in this transfer window.

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