Reflecting On The Last Day And All The Farewells

Well, the season is finally over for all English teams. It was a very rare occasion. One where so many heroes said there farewell, while some of the future like Andreas Christensen had their time in the sun for the first time.

Didier Drogba for one, was only one of the many departing heroes. Fittingly, Mourinho put the crown of the Premier League trophy on the head of the King himself. Elsewhere, Lampard said goodbye to the Premier League in exquisite Lampard fashion, with a banged up goal. One year on from being released by Chelsea, he was given a farewell worth remembering, only it was not Chelsea players who gave it. Drogba for one decided to thank Lampard for all that he did for Chelsea, or for the Drog at least. He also said an emotional farewell to Stamford Bridge as a player, seemingly at a loss of words:

One could say that Lampard could have been given a better farewell than what Chelsea afforded him, you can’t argue that it was somewhat better than Steven Gerrard’s. The Reds lost their game at Anfield that was Stevie G’s last and they couldn’t resist the temptation away at Stoke. It is one farewell not too fondly remembered, courtesy Stoke. Credit where it’s due.

Another legend, who is still in his prime is Petr Cech. The Czech international, at 33 has years of top class goalkeeping in him. Though Mourinho insists that he still wants the veteran of many seasons to stay. Realistically, no Chelsea fan should expect that of big Pete. He deserves better than being called the backup goalkeeper of Chelsea FC. Heroes deserve respect, and, in this case the best way forward would be to let him go. Here’s what Mourinho thinks about negotiating with our very own Petr about his future:

“I hope Never. I hope Never.”

Sure, that is one convincing way to say he wants the club legend to stay but at the same time gives the indication that it is something that Mourinho does not control. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that whatever turn this saga takes, everyone is happy at the end of it.

In the build-up to the match, during which the atmosphere was already full of festivities, the members of the first Champions under Mourinho were presented, signifying the two generations of Champions at the Bridge. Mourinho built that team, and he has made this one too. The man even hopes of being present in 2025, in the company of three generations:

“For me, to have here [on Sunday] the champions of 2004-05 and the champions of 2014-15 is an amazing feeling because I feel as if I belong to both. That team of 2005 is over, finished.

“I belong to two generations. To be back for the end of my team was hard. To see Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, Michael Essien leave, Didier Drogba leave, is hard. Very hard for me. But my job is Chelsea’s future and Chelsea’s future is this team that we’ve been working with in the last few years.

“It’d be a dream to be here in 2025 and be with the champions of 2005, 2015 and 2025. That would be fantastic, but my future doesn’t matter. What matters is Chelsea’s future.”

Now that is quite the vision to have. Chelsea will hopefully be Champions numerous time still. But for now, savour the moment. Mourinho, Drogba, Cech, Lampard, Terry and everyone else who has a Blue heart is a hero today, and will remain so for generations to come.

In Thibaut Courtois, Diego Costa, Cesc Fabregas, Eden Hazard, Kurt Zouma and all the young players, Chelsea have a bright future. They now know what it is like to win the League, and what it means to be Champions. It should make them even more hungry for success if anything.

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