‘I didn’t want to go to Chelsea’ – Eden Hazard Before The Mysterious Call Convinced Him

Just imagine if we hadn’t won the UEFA Champions League in 2012! Let’s rewind a bit!

To be fair, our Premier League form in the 2011-12 season was the worst in the Abramovich era. Andre Villa Boas seemed obsessed with his “project”, but was unable to get out positive results on a consistent basis. As a result, he was sacked mid-season and the interim manager Roberto Di Matteo took over the reigns.

Although, we still didn’t have the right balance or probably the quality to turn our league season around, somehow, miraculously, we did get our hands on the most coveted trophy on the planet!

Result? We got Eden freaking Hazard to sign for us!!

According to the Belgian:

“I didn’t want to go to Chelsea because I wanted to play the Champions League and they were sixth in the league.I was convinced when they won the Champions League in 2012.
At the time, Roberto Di Matteo really wanted me, they had Juan Mata, and Oscar had been bought. I was told: ‘You’ll see, Chelsea will play football.”

As I said, it was our worst season in the Abramovich era and if we have lost the final on that glorious night in Munich, things would have been significantly different at the Bridge today!

One of the best players in the world would have gone to a rival club and we would have struggled to impose our domination in the Premier League. Just look at Liverpool and their recent struggles and you will get the idea, what I am pointing towards. Fortunately, that wasn’t to be and the King made sure of it!

Didier Drogba, with that defining penalty, sealed the deal for the Blues and made us one of the top clubs in Europe. But wait! That’s not all he did! King Drogba also had to do something with Hazard’s signing at the Bridge!

Contrary to popular beliefs, it wasn’t Roman’s phone call that convinced the Belgian star to join the Blues but it was Didier Drogba himself. As per Hazard:

“Gervinho called me and said: ‘Someone’s on the phone’. I didn’t know who it was but it was Drogba, he wanted me to sign.
I was flattered, he was maybe the best striker in the world. In my head, I wasn’t going to sign, but in the end I was very pleased with my choice. I didn’t speak to Abramovich.
I don’t know why coach Garcia wrote that in his book.”

We all know the power of a ‘Mourinho phone call’, but apparently Drogba has learned that trick to perfection from the master himself.

The King has been an influential figure on and off the field for the Blues. But, his phone call to Hazard to convince him to join Chelsea, is probably one of the most crucial things he has done for this club.

Eden Hazard is hands down one of the best players in the world and Didier Drogba is one of the main reason he is at Chelsea today. Just imagine if he had joined City! How we would rue the fact and watch City dominate the Premier League! Oh! I would hate that!

Thank you Drogba! I hope you can be to Chelsea what Zidane is to Real Madrid once you retire from professional football while, Eden Hazard remains a Blue forever and we continue to dominate world football!

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Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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