Drogba’s Last Interview: Youth, MLS, & Cech Secrets!

When Frank Lampard was released last season, it was rumoured that he’d sign for New York City FC. Sign he did, and was revealed too. Then started the circus of the City of Manchester. Nonetheless, Frank is finally heading stateside. However, he may not be the only Blues legend to make the trip across the Ocean.

Rumour has it that several teams of the MLS are keen on one Didier Drogba. As is well scripted, Drogba wants at least one more season of full-time football, or shall we say soccer. That would be something hard to come by in any of Europe’s best leagues. Hence, it makes perfect sense for Drogba to move to the states because he will get to play regular football as well as be paid heavily.

Drogba only started 8 games in all this season and that is what he is trying to rectify next season, seeking more minutes. Apparently the veteran wants to contribute more to the cause of whichever team he plays for. Since he declared that Chelsea’s game against Sunderland would be his last for the Blues’ he has had a number of offers from other clubs.

Drogba has decided to take his time to think of the prospect of playing in the Major League Soccer alongside his friend and former team-mate Frank Lampard. That is not to say that Drogba would be joining Lampard at NYC FC. As of now, perhaps even Drogba does not know where he will be, but there is no shortage of suitors, that’s for sure. Here’s what the departing King revealed:

“Since I put it on social media [that I was to leave Chelsea] I have received some calls from other teams.

“[It is] really unusual. But it was funny and interesting also because it really showed that, maybe, I can still bring something to a team.”

And so, it is clear that a number of clubs in Europe and outside want the Ivory Coast veteran. He shed some light pertaining to the decision he took by saying that the board and Mourinho were both involved in his decision to leave for new pastures:

“I spoke with Jose and the board and all of us we found an agreement,”

“Next year I want to have more minutes than I am having now. I just want to play, you know, and finish maybe on a high.”

He also revealed another fact that influenced his decision, the fact that Chelsea want to be uber competitive and cant afford to carry any weight. Besides, the youngsters of the club need to be given their proper chance and if the indications are right, his berth in the squad might as well go to some youngster like Patrick Bamford. Reading between the lines, one should assume as much:

“Plus I think the team needs to be stronger next year, to compete in the Champions League, and they are going to buy new players. Also we have young players coming up and these boys need to play. Not that I am not a competitor, but I think it’s time to give them a chance.”

He may not be the only one who departs the club this summer, as another veteran of the club, Petr Cech is reportedly leaving in search of first team football. Drogba seemed to echo the voice of his favourite manager by repeating lines we have already heard several times this season:

“I think the club should keep him because we know who Petr Cech is at this club,”

“It is his decision also and no matter what happens, I think the club will respect his decision.

“If he wants to stay, he can stay. I think he is more than welcome here. If he wants to go it’s his choice as well. It’s up to him, but we want him to stay.”

Nothing new there, just an opinion perhaps but it reveals one thing for sure, that even Petr Cech is uncertain as of now. This is the first transfer mystery that every Chelsea fan wants resolved this summer.

Drogba, we wish you all the very Blue Best. Keep the Blue Flag Flying High.

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