Chelsea’s Defense Line Superior To Liverpool’s Attack Line

‘Parking the bus’, this is what the modern day football fans prefer to call the defensive game of a team. You can’t break the deadlock of a team which defends in numbers, opposition gives the excuse that they ‘parked the bus’.
Chelsea's Defense Liverpool's Attack
A team sits back and attacks on the counter, this is when critics call them ‘boring’ or say that they ‘park the bus’. Now if you are a Chelsea fan, you must have become used to hearing all these criticism by the opposition fans. Even though the so-called ‘boring’ or ‘park the bus’ system has won you two major trophies this season and a record for most number of days on top of the Premier League table now lies with the team as well.

True that Chelsea have majorly emphasized on defending, but what makes them different is that they have done it perfectly for most part of the season, losing just 3 games out 37 played so far. If anyone was watching Juventus’ match against Real Madrid, they know too that half the reason for the Old Lady being in the final of Champions League is Parking the Bus, if defending well can be called that.

Even when Arsenal’s manager, Mr. Arsene Wenger, claimed “it’s easy to defend”, Jose dismissed the statement with style. “It’s not easy, not easy,” he said. “If it was easy you wouldn’t lose 3-1 at home to Monaco [in the Champions League]. If he defends well he draws 0-0 against Monaco and wins in Monte Carlo. It’s not easy to defend.” Now that must have hit him hard!

The bus is actually supposed to defend. But what if your bus starts scoring? What if the bus makes itself dominant on either end on the pitch?

That has actually been the case with the newly crowned Champions. Quite astonishingly, Chelsea’s defence has grabbed more goals and assists than Liverpool’s strikers in this whole season. The Blues’ backline has grabbed 20 goals and made 15 assists which accounts for a total number of contributions in 35 goals. On the other hand, Liverpool’s strikers including the likes of Rickie Lambert, Fabio Borini, Daniel Sturridge and Mario Balotelli have only managed 15 goals and 4 assists, making an embarrassing total of 19 goals shared amongst them.

Big signing Mario Balotelli and old gun Rickie Lambert have been major flops for the Reds, and injuries to Daniel Sturridge have kept him out of action and affected his game when fit. But there can still be no excuse for such a disappointing performance.

For the Blues though, as much as the likes of Hazard, Fabregas, Costa have done their job efficiently up front, our four-man defence has been our backbone throughout the season. A major contribution in the goalscoring has come from Branislav Ivanovic and captain John Terry.

And there can’t be a better proof of the whole team contributing towards goalscoring than the fact that our defence alone has scored more goals and assists than the striking force of another elite club in the league.

Do they still deserve to be called ‘boring’? Think about it haters!

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