Are We Really So ‘Boring Boring’ ? Haters Gonna Hate! But, We Won’t Stop Winning!

It’s everywhere. Chelsea were reportedly one of the most hated teams on social media according to a survey some time back.

The haters have had a field day since January and have been talking boring this and boring that all season. It’s basically because of the fact that none of their favoured teams have been up to much. They have either been on a roller coaster ride through wins draws and losses or have been suffering miserably in mid-table. The hate is universal, and the voices have been joined. Blues fans need not say much, the league table did that for us.

There are teams which defend well or attack well and then there is Chelsea. The little horse is now a Stallion and has won the race. Love him or hate him, but it is an undeniable fact that Mourinho is the ultimate winner. Chelsea have topped the table since day one. They have wowed us at times playing scintillating football especially during the first half of the season. Mourinho being the winner that he is, employed a more efficient approach when necessary. The ability of the team to switch to a plan B or a plan C ensured that we won the title. In doing so we invited a lot of unwarranted criticism from jealous and frustrated rivals. Chelsea were accused as being a team which played boring football by Arsenal fans at the end of the 0-0 draw at Emirates. Mourinho responded in trademark style:

“It cannot be true [that Chelsea are boring]. If we are boring and if the number of goals is what decides if a team is good or if a team is bad, if a team is boring or if a team is not boring, then we have in the Premier League 18 teams that are more boring than us.”

– Jose Mourinho

Only Manchester city have scored more than Chelsea this season which shows that we are not all that boring as suggested. Also our goal difference of 39 is bettered only by Manchester City’s 43. Clearly there are 18 teams (including Arsenal ) more boring than us if Goals or Goal Difference is what decides whether a team is boring or not. Everybody has a different definition of the word “boring”. Not being able to win a title for 10 years is boring for many (Mourinho on Wenger =D ). While some find a team which is unable to execute a plan B as boring (read ARSENAL =D ). Not everybody is a fan of a possession obsessed approach. Wenger still hasn’t won a game against Mourinho.

Six Chelsea players have made the team of the season. Fabregas tops the assists chart with 19 assists. He has also made more passes than anybody else in the Premier league. Hazard has made the most number of passes in the final third (1184), Fabregas is second on that list. Hazard has been the most fouled player in Europe for many seasons now. He has also made the most number of successful dribbles(158) and also tops the list for chances created with 90 followed by Fabregas.

Woah! That’s a lot to take in. Let me make it simple. This “Boring team” has players who have made the most number of passes all over the ground and also in the final third. Players from this “Boring team” also top the chart for chances created, fouls drawn, successful dribbles, take-ons and assists.

Chelsea have shown a rare ability to excel at two contrasting styles of football in the space of a single season. The Work rate that every player in the team has put in each game this season is amazing. A team doesn’t become a defensive team just because it has a solid backline. There simply has been no let up from this Chelsea team. There were unjustified suspensions, bad refereeing decisions but nothing stopped this team from running away with the title. Runners-up Manchester City have only won 3 games out of the 9 games that Yaya Toure didn’t play in thus failing to provide any sort of challenge and making this title race quite boring in their own way.

There is no denying the fact that this season belonged to Chelsea. Premier league Champions, League Cup winners, UEFA Youth Cup Champions, FA Youth Cup Champions, Player of the Year, Women’s Player of the Year: Quite boring eh! A lot of wins must be boring for the teams pretending to be competitors of the Blues and hence their fans must stay away from any such indulgences.

Edited By: Ojas

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