According To Report, Chelsea Linked With Premier League Star

If there’s any truth to this next transfer rumor, we should probably order a few birthday cakes in advance!

Without a doubt, Yaya Toure has been one of the most influential players for Manchester City in the past few seasons. Some would argue that the Ivorian engine is even more important to the Citizens than their star man Sergio Aguero. City’s gradual decline in form at the turn of the new year bodes directly to Toure’s participation in AFCON, which further acknowledges this fact.

So, when the reports in various tabloids, linking Toure to Chelsea make the rounds, the most important question that arises is, why would City want to sell their most valuable asset? Even more so when they need all the help they can get, to resurrect their title surge next season.

City are resigned to Toure leaving and will use the transfer fee and a saving on his £220,000 a week wages to help redesign their ageing squad.

City will look for at least £10 million of the £24 million they paid Barcelona in 2010, which wouldn’t be a problem for the newly crowned Premier League champions.

Source: Express

There are a few reasons that justify this situation from City’s point of view. The midfield star, who recently turned 32, currently commands wages in excess of £220,000 a week. That’s an astronomical figure even by City’s standards! Secondly, Toure has never been too far away from criticism for his off-the-field behavior. There have been quite a few stories over the years that reiterate these facts. Not to mention the ‘birthday cake’ incident at the start of this season. Having a loud-mouth agent isn’t much of a help either. Moreover, his gradual decline in form from last season and his lack of defending and careless play for the majority of this season might be one of the reasons for such a rumor. Therefore, offloading the Ivorian makes perfect sense for Manchester City.

So, why would Chelsea look to invest in a player with a track record such as Toure? Yes, you are right, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. It might be just another play from Toure’s agent to hype him up in the market. Right Yes, you are right again, unless, Yaya Toure agrees to take a major pay cut at the Bridge. Besides, we all know Chelsea’s policy of giving just one-year contracts to players over the age of 30. If Yaya does come to Chelsea, a one-year deal with a massive pay cut is the only chance this deal could materialize.

Toure’s arrogant attitude is another major problem to be addressed but to be fair, the English media tends to overblow this kind of stuff sometimes. Jose Mourinho has worked with players like Ibrahimovic, Eto’o, and Drogba. All had a major ego problem during their careers, but the Special One still managed to get the best out of them. There’s simply no reason he can’t do the same with Toure!

Besides, at his best, Toure is one of the best midfielders in the league hand down. He is unstoppable, physically strong and very direct in his play. In short, he is everything Mourinho desires from his midfielders. Just imagining a midfield trio with the likes of Matic, Fabregas and Toure is bound to make you drool. The way we see it, it all but guarantees us a Premier League title in succession, as we would own each and every team in the league that comes our way!

Having a Yaya Toure also means we could gradually integrate players like RLC or MVG in the starting line-up in a few years. Thus, a win-win situation in every way! But the possibility of the deal going through is highly unlikely. Manchester City probably wouldn’t let Toure join their direct rivals anyway, and the Ivorian wouldn’t appreciate a massive pay-cut in his astronomical wages. That being said, this may well be one of those baseless transfer rumors floating around to increase paper sale.

Although, we can’t deny that the thought of Yaya Toure alongside Matic makes one’s heart skip a beat!

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