QPR vs Chelsea: Player Ratings as Batman rescued but Robin gets the nod

Chelsea’s latest fixture was against London rivals QPR, which ended 1-0 in Chelsea’s favor with the only goal scored by Fabregas in the dying minutes. It was a very tight game, but Chelsea somehow broke the deadlock and got the goal.

Here are the ratings of Chelsea players based on their performances against QPR:

Courtois – 7.5/10

He was not really put to test in the first half but saved Chelsea’s day in the second by making two excellent saves and a few more vital saves.

Ivanovic – 6.2/10

He was unlucky not to score from Oscar’s cross but overall it was not an impressive performance by the Serbian.

Cahill – 7.0/10

Cahill was impressive as he made many key blocks and interceptions especially the one in the 19th minute that would have surely gone in if it weren’t for him.

Terry – 7.2/10

It was a tough day for the captain especially because of endless abuse from the QPR fans. But Terry managed to give a solid performance just like Cahill.

Azpilicueta – 6.0/10

Dave’s performance was below par as he was outshined by Phillips on quite a few occasions.

Matic – 6.8/10

Matic was very impressive in the first half but could not continue that level of performance during the second half as shown by his counter-part, Joey Barton.

Ramires – 5.0/10

Ramires was on the field until the 55th minute, but his performance was utterly awful. He gave away possession cheaply and wasn’t even visible most of the time in the areas of action.

Willian – 6.5/10

Willian gave a decent performance and made some good runs and crosses but was still not up to the mark.

Fabregas – 7.0/10

Cesc’s performance was good in every aspect – his passes were great and defensively, he was sound and also netted the badly needed winner.

Hazard – 7.0/10

He was very quiet in the first half but killed the game in the second half especially after the introduction of Oscar as he assisted Fabregas for the winning goal.

Drogba – 5.5/10

He was pretty decent in the first half but became awful during the second. QPR defenders had him under control the entire time.


Oscar – 6.0/10

Played for 35 minutes delivered one great cross to Ivanovic and was involved in the build-up to the winning goal.

Cuadrado – NA

Zouma – NA

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Edited By: Vikram Vadiganeni

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