CONFIRMED: Premier Striker OUT For Up To A Month

Time for some Premier League action folks! The weekend is near and we are set to face-off against our bogey team, QPR, in a hope to extend our lead even further and shut up our London neighbours who still think they have got a shot at the title! Haha, like we are gonna slip up like Liverpool!

But, along with some juicy actions, there’s also some bad news for the Chelsea supporters around the globe. We already knew that Diego Costa was out against the Rangers tomorrow, but there were reports circulating around the internet that the Spaniard might be fit for our clash against the Gunners. Apparently, that won’t be happening. Here’s what our manager has to say about Costa in the pre-match press conference:

“Only Diego is injured, everybody else is fine and ready. We have eight matches to play. If he (Costa) plays in four it’s normal. If he plays three then it’s a little bit below what I’m expecting. I think about four matches to play.”

Well, that settles it then! We would be without our premier striker for next couple of weeks which include fixtures against Arsenal and Manchester United. Not so good news considering we are in the crunch time, eh? At least the manager doesn’t think so. When inquired whether he was concerned about Costa’s absence, Mourinho replied in his typical fashion:

“Not concerned. I’m concerned about the match on Sunday. At this moment I don’t want to think of him (Costa) for two, three weeks.”

I guess if you have a backup of the quality of Loic Remy, there isn’t much to be concerned about, right? But still, would have been great if the Beast was available against United and Arsenal. It would have been quite a view to watch Mertesacker get destroyed repeatedly at Emirates!

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Edited By: Ankur Bhatt

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