Will Chelsea Really Going To Miss Matic In League Cup Final?

Recently Matic got suspended during a Premier League Fixture due to which he will miss the upcoming Capital One Cup Finale against Spurs.

Well Matic has been the most important midfielder in Chelsea’s squad as without him Chelsea have lost 2 of the 3 fixtures one of which was the embarrassing defeat against Bradford in the FA Cup and one was against Newcastle in the Premier League. Matic is the best tackler in the Premier League and also among the top 3 defensive midfielders in the world and for some people it is quite obvious that Chelsea will face many difficulties to beat Spurs.

But the fact is despite the absence of Matic Chelsea still have an upper hand over them and have the potential to beat them, let us understand why.

Ramires Effect

Chelsea are comfortably first in the Premier League Table and Matic is not the only reason behind this, as they have a world class squad with replacements and backups for every player and they also have a perfect balance between experienced and inexperienced players. One of the experienced players who is always underappreciated is Ramires. This season on a few occasions we have seen the pairing of Matic and Ramires in extra deeper roles when Chelsea were deployed with defensive tactics.

While for tomorrow’s game Chelsea are going to be without their back-up man Mikel and other available midfielders are Ake and Loftus-Cheeks. Practically speaking Ake and Loftus won’t start and hence Ramires in the only available option. This time we are going to see the trio of Fabregas, Ramires and Oscar in possible 4-2-3-1 formation. Here Oscar will be the number ten with Fabregas as the deep lying playmaker and Ramires will be in a deeper defensive role. Though Ramires’s presence is not influential as Matic, Ramires will leave his own impact on the field as he is a defensive midfielder with electrifying pace and never ending fuel who gives the attackers a hard time. Ramires because of his pace and agility will be a threat for Eriksen and friends.

Another reason is Spurs are well aware about how to get past Matic and Chelsea defense as last time when Chelsea played them Pochettino was spot-on with his tactics and defeat Chelsea with a comprehensive margin. But this time the pair of Fabregas and Ramires in the middle of the midfield might make a huge difference.

The Didier Drogba

Chelsea’s strike force has 3 amazing strikers Diego Costa. Loic Remy and Didier Drogba, Costa has been in top notch form while Loic Remy has always scored when given chance but the most influential man here will be Drogba. Drogba has played 9 major finals in Chelsea shirt and has also scored 9 goals winning 7 trophies. Drogba is one man whom your team would never like to face in finals. Apart from being the king of Finales Drogba is also the king of the Wembley Stadium as he has torn apart many defences there few examples of which are Manchester United and Everton.

Its Tottenham!!

Spurs are one of the most Jekyll and Hyde teams in the Premier League one they will score 5 goals in one game and the very next week they will lose to a bottom table team. This has always been the case with them and because of this fluctuating style of play Chelsea may have the asset. Also Spur’s performance is always dependent on the form of one or two players in the squad. Two seasons back the man was Bale and now it’s the uprising duo of Eriksen and Kane. Hence the key to go past Spurs this season is to outdo this duo which is not an impossible task. For a team like Chelsea which is lead by a manager like Jose Mourinho it won’t be a very difficult job as Spurs are still a developing team while Chelsea are potential title winners.

With or without Matic Chelsea are a strong team and taking Chelsea’s record at Wembley and the current form into consideration it will be very difficult for Spurs to beat Chelsea.

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Edited By: Ankur Bhatt

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