Who Is This 21-Year Old Portuguese Midfielder Linked With Chelsea?

Chelsea’s midfield is currently blessed with the likes of some utterly amazing and promising players.

But according to the latest news from English sources Mirror, Express and some undisclosed ones from Spain, 21-year-old Valencia midfielder Andre Gomes is being linked with a summer move to Chelsea. Apart from Chelsea, Manchester United are also in the race to sign the Portuguese international but here’s what Andre told the Express:

“There was an offer for me this winter, but it did not interest me because I wanted to stay here, I do not care anymore, I want to be here. I do not care about what clause I have, if I do not want to go I do not go, put 50, 100 or 150 million euros. My progression here has been very fast, and I am very comfortable here.”

Despite the slim chances of him joining Chelsea, let us dwell a little deeper into the former Benfica man and analyze whether or not he will be a good signing for Chelsea.

Strengths, Weaknesses & Playing Style

Andre is a brilliant midfielder and currently he is in top notch form at Valencia. Gomes is a textbook all-round midfielder who can play in almost every role be it is defensive, attacking or a play-making.

His major strengths are passing; long, short or through balls. He is also a prolific dribbler who uses his pace and footwork to get past defenders. Another eye-catching aspect is his defensive contribution. He times his tackles perfectly, intercepts the ball very smartly, and reads the game like a very mature player. As of now, he has no significant weakness. The only noticeable one is his finishing, which is below average, but it is understandable in the case of a young central midfielder.

Valencia make the good use of his versatility by playing him in different positions and roles depending on the nature of the opponent, but he mostly plays as a central midfielder in a 4-3-3 formation. To be precise, he is more of an attacking midfielder alongside Parejo as the two showcase the industrious side of Valencia’s playing style. Gomes is a very hardworking player, and he makes his presence felt all over the field. Gomes attacks as well as defends. He makes a significant impact in attack because of his fruitful ground passing and pin-point through balls. In defense, he intercepts passes and tackles the opposition players to win the ball and passes it to his teammates in order to initiate a counter attack. Gomes hardly plays inside the box as most of his job is done before the counter attack is initiated but he prefers to stay outside the box in order to track back when the opposition launches an attack.

Final Verdict

After studying each and every aspect, we can conclude that Andre Gomes is a very good midfielder but he is not one for Chelsea. Chelsea don’t need a midfielder like him because they already have Ramires, who plays a similar role and is a more mature midfielder. Even if Chelsea were to sign him, it would be one hell of a gamble because there are chances that he might turn out to be a flop because of lack of playing time. It will also be really bad for Gomes if he joins Chelsea because it is quite obvious that Fabregas will be above Gomes in Jose’s pecking order.

As a conclusion, Andre should stay at Valencia and Chelsea should wait till he develops further as a midfielder.

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Edited By: Vikram Vadiganeni

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