The Quest For The Capital [POEM BY A CHELSEA FAN]

The Quest For The Capital

After the hunger for the
capital cup expressed,
The scene in the capital
was tense and stressed,

The finale was crucial,
The stakes were high,
As the pride of the capital
was to be passed on by,

The heat was on,
The temperature on a rise,
As the new year humiliation
still rolled in our eyes,

As both ambitious managers
faced a stern tough test,
As the two squads of eleven
had to be at their best,

War was to begin,
The battlelines were drawn,
The wembley now lit up
And the revenge was on,

“The Spider” our hero
was out of the game,
But my heart still kept
on singing his name,

History was in the making
without a single doubt,
As out of the tunnel
the teams came out,

Adrenaline in blood
flowed hot and true,
As John “The Leader” Terry
led the squad of blue,

We started the game
with much more intent,
But the foe was steady,
sturdy and defiant,

But as the time went on,
they were more into the play,
At times in the game,
they made us look stray,

“Hurricane” and the “Little Den”,
were absolutely on fire,
As they raised their
level higher and higher,

But we never panicked,
We kept it light,
Though the attack wasnt clicking,
The defense was tight,

The moment of the half,
came right at the end,
As an aerial ball,
the foe couldn’t defend,

was hit, tussled
& thumped into the net,
The tempo for the second
half was set,

It was a typical blue
goal scoring stunt,
As the leader of the blue led us
on the attacking front,

The game paused
and the blues led,
But the expression on jose’s
face was still dead,

He wasnt pleased
except for the goal,
As it wasnt a good half
as a whole,

He was back with
the boys and staff,
As the teams centre staged
for the second half,

His words started
showing there effect,
As they transformed
our playing dialect,

The cheers were on,
the hands were up,
As came the moment,
which sealed the cup,

The spaniard displayed
his worthy class,
As he produced another
exquisite pass,

Into to the path of
the waiting beast,
Whose shot took a wicked
deflection to say the least,

The ball went in
to the joy of blue,
As we had conquered the capital,
with goal number two,

The moment was priceless,
written in stars,
As finally after years,
the League Cup was ours,

On a rainy evening,
the pitch was wet,
We kept on minimising
the incoming threat,

Although they looked
likely to score,
They eventually coudnt
manage anything more,

Jose was ecstatic,
dancing on his feet,
As the capital was ours
and the revenge was complete,

The applause from the
crowd was thunderous,
As the leader lifted the
trophy for us,

It has become an
obsession for a few,
But it was the first silverware
for the new ones joining the crew,

Our love for you,
forever will be true,
We play carefree
and our color is blue!

~blue is the color
~chelsea for life
~keep the blue flag flying high

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Edited By: Vikram Vadiganeni

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