Petr Cech: The Cudicini of 2015?

According to some reliable sources in England, like Sky Sports and ESPN, Chelsea’s legendary goalkeeper has made his decision to leave the club after playing for more than a decade at the club.

The reasons behind such a decision are very understandable as the 22-year-old Belgian goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois is clearly above Cech in Jose’s pecking order. Due to this, Cech is not getting sufficient time between the sticks which is a real shame for a player like him. In a recent interview taken by ESPN Cech said:

“I don’t know what the club’s idea will be. It looks like it works well with me and Thibaut as a duo,” he told Idnes. “But that can work for one season only. I don’t want another one like this.”

“There always will be speculation. I leave it for the summer,” he added. “It will be important to sit down with the club and with the manager to consider all the pros and cons. We will see what will work out the best.”

Asked if he would like to move to Real Madrid, Cech replied:
“When a specific offer comes I will consider it. There are offers one cannot turn down.”

Some European giants like Arsenal and Real Madrid have Cech on their radar, and he is their prime target for the summer transfer window. Let us now analyze whether leaving Chelsea will be a good decision for Cech or not and if he does leave, how will his departure affect Chelsea.

Petr Cech has spent 11 glorious years at Chelsea and has gained a legendary status. It is quite obvious that his departure will traumatize the Chelsea supporters, the club board, his teammates and manager alike. Practically speaking, it will be a very sensible decision by Cech if he decides to leave the club. Since he has been the second choice goalkeeper in Jose’s first team, he has played mostly in the lesser competitions such as the FA Cup and Capital One Cup. Cech has faced comparatively easy opponents in these competitions, and to use a player like him against such teams in the future, will be an immense waste of his talent. It is always psychologically demoralizing for a footballer to be second choice for a team to which he has given so much.

But Cech’s scenario is one of the classic cases of “What Goes Around Comes Around.” Before Cech became Chelsea’s number 1 goalkeeper it was the Italian Carlo Cudicini who used to be the 1st preference between the sticks. In 2004 during the dawn of Jose era Cech joined Chelsea from Rennes and gave tough competition to Cudicini and became the new first choice keeper.

Talking about the effects on the Chelsea squad, Cech’s departure means alteration of top notch experience from the squad. After his departure, Terry and Drogba will be the only experienced veterans in the Blues dugout. This will also have an adverse effect on Chelsea’s squad depth as they will lose a world class backup keeper, and Thibaut will be the only top class keeper left in the Chelsea squad. Other backup keepers that Chelsea have are not good enough to be played against top clubs, in case if Thibaut is unavailable. This will also have some effects on Thibaut as the young Belgian considers Cech as his role model and is learning a thing or two from him during every training session.

Taking it all into the account, Cech should definitely leave Chelsea and join some club outside the Premier League. Cech’s departure will certainly be the end of an era at Chelsea but if he stays at Chelsea, it might end his career altogether as currently he is in remarkable form and needs more playing time.

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Edited By: Vikram Vadiganeni

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