One Match, Two Trophies Won?

Quiz question: Which football club played one match but won two trophies on one afternoon? OK, let’s not rule out the possibility Chelsea may be caught and overhauled in the Premier League but as of now, we are 5 points clear of our closest rival with a match in hand.

We sure have our issues to deal with, but we have the habit of disguising them well in the big matches. The absence of one of the best holding midfielders was supposed to weaken us, but missing players in a cup final doesn’t affect us, ask Bayern, they know better.

There is no better side in English football when it comes to holding the lines, sizing up their opponents then gradually turning the screw, yes it may not be the best in terms of a neutral point of view, but what is the point of playing “beautiful” football and losing a final, finals are all about result and no one gives better results than the man himself Jose Mourinho. Jose knows when his team needs to go all out and attack, when to sit back, absorb pressure and hit on the counter. Two examples would be the 6-0 thrashing of Arsenal at Stamford Bridge and the beating a rampant Liverpool at Anfield last season. One saw Chelsea go all guns blazing while the other was a defensive master-class with a slight slippery help from a certain Liverpool player.

The one and only John Terry, Captain, Leader, Legend, yesterday he was the oldest player on the pitch and yet easily the best centre back on the pitch. He opened the scoring for us and at the 45th-minute mark threw himself to block Kane’s shot. Terry and Cahill along with Ivanovic and Azpilicueta held their line and kept out an in-form Harry Kane. Even at this age Terry could easily walk into the England team, given he is still the best English defender.

We won our first trophy in the new Mourinho era, hopefully one of many to follow. And to sign off, there is a reason why Chelsea is undoubtedly the best London club is, in a week that saw Arsenal almost guaranteeing an exit from Champions League, Tottenham losing out on two trophies(Europa League, Capital One) in a gap of just 3 days, Chelsea won one trophy and have made themselves firm favourites to clinch the Premier League Trophy in just one day.

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Edited By: Ankur Bhatt

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