Chelsea vs Tottenham (2-0)- Initial Reactions and Analysis

Come Sunday and it’s the day which means a lot for every Chelsea fan in any part of the globe. The Capital One Cup, the first non pre-season trophy is up for grabs. For Chelsea its not only a trophy to win it means revenge, a derby and bring back the “Mourinho” dominance. Also, great news for Chelsea fans is the five-point lead ahead of Manchester City is intact with an extra game in hand.

So without much delay let’s head to the initial reactions and analysis.

1. Terry marshals his men perfectly:

John Terry proved to all the doubters why he deserves a new contract. The club legend scored the all-important for the Blues on the brink of half time. Apart from the goal he even performed his defensive duties in the Terry-istic way. The captain had a brilliant day in the field and did well to keep the Hurricane Harry Kane calm and less of a threat. Terry was the absolute catalyst for Chelsea’s thumping victory.

2. Zouma showed a mature head over young shoulders:

Kurt Zouma played like he was the senior figure of the defense. The Frenchman is consistently proving his worth and showing signs of greatness and flair. The young centre back few signs of languor and didn’t let feeble balls go past him. Zouma has some surprising arrows in his quiver and is one who has a superb future.

3. Matic is irreplaceable:

The Serbian has been the key figure of Chelsea’s midfield and has been linking the attack and defense with absolute charm. His absence in the midfield was very much evident. As a matter of fact, even John Obi Mikel’s absence was also felt as Ramires’ performance was anything but fine. Matic is a bomb in midfield and is an absolute mix bag. The midfielder occupies the Makelele role and has a tremendous work rate which is unparallel.

4. Playing three centre backs was a wise move:

Mourinho showed his tactical geniuses by playing Terry, Zouma and Cahill together. It was one of the smartest things Mourinho did in the start of the match and it did work well for Chelsea as they were nip and tight at the back. Terry and Cahill played in their regular positions well and Zouma did well as the floater between defensive midfield and centre back with ease.

5. Still no justice by the referees:

The campaign against Chelsea has been made into a movement and created furore in the social media however, it was to no respite. There were many cynical fouls committed on the players. Diego Costa was the target of many challenges which was overlooked by the refs. Also, a major tackle was committed on Azpilicueta by Harry Kane and which caused bleeding on the back of his head.

Final Analysis:

It was a major, major victory and Chelsea proved their might and prowess in England. Mourinho slammed it and proved that if one is successful you’re bound to have haters. It was one major talking point of the beautiful season to come. Terry and Costa scored and brought joy on millions of Blues fan around the world.

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Edited By: Ankur Bhatt

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