Chelsea vs. Everton (1-0): Analysis of the Crucial Goal We Scored

A home fixture that proved to be a lot harder than the reverse one, Chelsea managed to seize all 3 points in style, against the team that looked more than happy to hold us back to a draw.

Chances came aplenty for The Blues; we had a staggering 21 attempts out of which 7 were on target; and we were up against a mere 7 from Everton, out of which 4 were on target. We also controlled the game with 56% possession and had a lion’s share.

We bagged the late winner, as Willian scored with a beautifully struck shot from few yards outside the penalty box.

Here is the analysis of that goal; the goal responsible for the perseverance of our ever so precious 7 points lead at the top of the table.

Willian (89′)


Making two or three cynical tackles, being booked and after receiving several warnings from the referee, Gareth Barry’s presence on the field looked hanging by a thread for most part of the game. The crunching tackle on Willian added fuel to the fire, and caused a minor riot among those who were involved. Barry, as a circumstance, received a second yellow and was sent off from the field.

Fabregas, as usual, stepped up to take the free-kick a little ahead of the halfway line. His delivery landed right on top of Ivanovic who was positioned in the outer-wide region of the penalty box. Iva won the header and was aiming for the likes of Zouma and Terry in the middle, but Tim Howard, who had an excellent night, punched it away – only as far as Willian; just a two or three yards outside the penalty area.


Before talking about the strike itself, let us take a moment and ponder what an amazing addition Willian has been to our squad this season. His work-rate in terms of attack and defence is simply exquisite. He has been a typical Mourinho-player: a player who is expected to give in a 100% every time on the pitch.

Simply put, Willian does magical things on the field – he does not look to give up his position for anybody.

It was admirable to us, Chelsea fans, the sheer dedication that was shown in Willian’s game last night.

For a player who was ever so involved in almost every attack over the course of the game, Willian had a pass-success rate of 95%. ‘Nuff said!

The goal itself came at a perfect time for Chelsea. We had a minute of normal time to play, plus 4 minutes added time before the goal was scored.

Now then, when the ball was approaching Willian, he made a short run to reach for it. Shifting his weight to his left hand side, he struck the ball using the half-volley technique; without even taking an extra touch before doing so.

The ball went blazing past 3 Everton defenders, with the second defender deflecting the ball slightly before it was slotted through the legs of another, and ultimately departed in the bottom-right corner of the goal. Tim Howard was well beaten this time.

The celebration was ecstatic, as the whole of the Chelsea team landed on top of Willian. The Bridge crowd played it’s part in cheering for the lad as well; and so did the supporters watching at home.

A brilliant spectacle and a wonderful game for Chelsea. This is indeed what Champions are made of!

Edited By: Harshal Ahire