Things Jose Mourinho Said In Interview Before Burnley Game

Things Jose Mourinho Said In Interview Before Burnley Game

Jose Mourinho says the people involved in the Paris incident are not Chelsea.

Jose supports the idea of the victim coming to one of our he can feel what Chelsea is really about.

Jose says he felt ashamed when he heard what happened but is a proud Chelsea manager as he knows those people don’t represent the club.

Jose says he is sure the Chelsea dressing room has always been one with big principles, and the players reacted the same way he did.

Jose says from the first minute it found out about the Paris incident, the club is doing absolutely everything it could about it.

Jose reiterates he feels ashamed to be connected with the incident and apologises to the gentleman. The club is writing to do the same.

Jose says John Terry accepts after a certain age players are given one-year contracts and accepts the challenge.

Jose says JT won the challenge last season and he is winning the challenge this season.

Jose says he himself wants to stay at Chelsea but does not need a new contract just now.

Jose speaks about knowing Luis Figo from an early age & he’s proud a good friend reaches the level of FIFA presidency candidate.

Jose reports that Mikel is still out and will be for another two weeks minimum. He has no other fitness concerns.

Jose says Hazard is lucky to be fit following the ‘really dangerous’ fouls he suffered in Paris.

Jose says Hazard is difficult to stop but the challenges at the moment are crossing the line.

Jose says it is up to the authorities to do something about the challenges on Hazard if they wish to do so.

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