Poem From a Blue Fan – We fight on!

We fight on!

Gaining control of the Title
after a threat,
The Bridge was ready,
the stage was set.

As we welcomed
home the Blue Citizens,
the capital was stressed,
the scene was tense.

The wait of a few months,
seemed as if years.
After we left the Etihad
with tears.

After our hero
reluctantly turned foe,
We still kept
cheering his name although.

There was joy and jubilation
and a lot of pain,
as he was back to
his fortress again.

This time in the
wrong shade of the blue,
but what his true
colour’s, we all knew.

‘El Nino’ turned the
tie last time around,
After rattling the Citizens
on this very ground.

This time who would
that hero be,
‘The ultimate game changer’
we were about to see.

The beast was a big-big
miss for sure!
Also the genius Spaniard
was out for cure.

May it be destiny
or our bad luck,
Just before the ultimate battle
these uncertainties struck!

We still were strengthened
by the blues in stand,
for me surely no
team had the upper hand.

The heartbeats were
high of every single fan,
as the referee blew
and the match began.

The pitch was fuming
right from the start,
as tackles were made
to tear each other apart.

The immovable object had
met an unstoppable force,
as both teams kept on
knocking the doors.

Both teams had their
plans absolutely clear,
that they went into the
fixture with no fear.

Then came the
moment of the day,
as our magical display
made their defence look stray.

Brana’s aerial ball found
the no 10’s feet.
He produced a pass
which was every striker’s treat.

And the Frenchman did not
miss upon the feed,
as he put in the ball
for the blues to take the lead.

The Citizens’ defence
had failed the test,
when our one touch football
was at its best.

But we couldn’t keep the
guests quiet for long,
as they came back into the
game, fierce and strong.

They soon equalised
in absolutely no time,
as our goalkeeper
had committed the crime.

The Bridge was raging
and this was the spark
as it went level begging
at the half way mark.

No manager looked pleased
in the battle of Blue,
as they knew there was
a lot of work left to do.

No team could enjoy
the victory lap,
as the match began
after the short gap.

The guests resumed
the game with more intent
but not even an inch
to them was lent.

They continuously kept on
piling up the pressure,
but we always
had their measure.

The stadium stood up
to their hero of the old,
as another dimension
to game was about to be unfold.

He smiled a little to
hide his pain,
but his little disguise
was all in vain.

This time we avoided
immense emotional trauma,
as there wasn’t any
‘late Lampard goal’ drama.

Both teams threatened,
but they did more.
It was all in vain
as they did not score.

After that there wasn’t
much left in the game.
As the attacks got flaccid
and defences got lame.

In the end the
honours were shared,
As even after the extra
it remained all squared.

The result had every
one intrigued,
Although we maintained
a cushion over the league.

We’ll cheer for you
time and time through,
Cause our colours are true
when dressed in blue.

~ktbffh folks
~chelsea for life

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Edited By: Abhay Shenoy

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