Diego Costa: Thug or World Beater?

Before Diego Costa arrived at Chelsea, he was an already controversial figure. Now that we have already entered a long way into the second half of the season, his absence will be sensed in the attacking third, as he is serving the 3 match ban. Banned and victimised. However, are their elements of justice in the ban, or are Chelsea just being typically punished.


It is no doubt that Diego Costa is a rough man. I have to be honest here and accept that his temper is that of a child’s. Whether it was his background and upbringing, I don’t know, but there is a switch there, which clearly is more on than off. He is certainly very easily aggravated, provoked and ‘teased’ if you want to say so and this has a clear effect on him. Violent is probably the best adjective to use and stamping on opponents should never be allowed and be rightfully punished. However, this is purely down to the treatment he gets.

Managers such as Roberto Martinez and Brendan Rodgers have criticised his behaviour, as well as many ‘pundits’, week in, week out. It’s all over the media. I read an article on Eurosport by Paul Parker brandishing Diego Costa a ‘disgrace’ and calling Chelsea a team without an identity and a lack of respect. The least said about this article and Paul Parker the better. It’s borderline – pathetic.

Diego Costa is at the moment a world beater. Obviously not on his own, but the talent he possesses implies his value and justifies his price. People saying he would flop at the beginning of the season were humiliated and shown up for their lack of footballing knowledge. I’m looking at Arsenal and Liverpool fans in particular, but then again, when do they talk much sense nowadays? (Redmen TV- often a good laugh).

Costa is targeted and rightfully so. There’s nothing wrong with it, just old school defending. But Diego’s response is simply put ‘Old School Attacking’. Be a Bully. Cause trouble and wind them up. There’s nothing wrong with it. But in the media’s and FA’s books, there’s a lot wrong in it. The consistency of the FA is just laughable and the bias is often extremely recognisable.

There is a campaign against Chelsea, but that would exceed my word limit here so maybe another day.

How is Costa meant to respond when he’s kicked, provoked etc. by Skrtel and so on? It seems the FA share different ideas when it comes to decisions and Chelsea. What’s happened to football? Is it not allowed to be physical? Diego Costa epitomises football and its worth and the passion that should always be shown. However, with the weight of the country on his back, he’s only going to be up for it even more. Mourinho will back him. The fans will always back him.

You can’t ask a man to change the way he is! This season, Chelsea and Diego Costa have been thoroughly targeted, victimised and threatened. But for once, we’re right and don’t we know it? #therewillbehaters KTBFFH!

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Edited By: Harshal Ahire

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