Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspurs – Key Player Battles

Phew! What a week it has been!

The talk of the town has obviously been the horrific, career ending challenge by Ashley Barnes on Nemanja Matic and the clear incompetence of Martin Atkinson and the FA alike. Of what should have been a red card and suspension for Barnes, it was Matic who suffers a 2 match ban for being on the receiving end of a criminal challenge! Well, if you are trying to find any logic in that, then don’t! That’s one of the perks of being a Chelsea fan anyway!

Well, too much has been said and done and it’s not like you can expect FA to provide justice anyway when it comes to Chelsea so, let’s keep this aside and talk about some real football.

It’s the weekend where trophies will be won! We started the season with a hope of completing a famous Quadruple and although that didn’t quite work out for us, we are still in for a treble, the first of which is on the line tomorrow when we line-up against Tottenham at Wembley. Yes, Tottenham! I know, Revenge time!

Spurs humiliated us at their home ground on the new year and I remember being depressed for a week thinking we won’t even have a chance to repay that drumming but, as fate had its way, here we are in a cup final. Spurs, lead by Harry Kane, has been flying high in the League and its the job of Mourinho and Co. to bring them back to their rightful place with a win at Wembley tomorrow. Although, a proper drumming would always be welcome!

Here, we bring you some of the key player battles that are most likely going to influence this cup final on Sunday:


If there is one thing I fondly remember of our 5-3 drumming against the mighty Spurs on the new year, it was the performance of a certain Belgian and no I am not talking about Vertonghen or Dembele, I am talking about our very own magician Eden Hazard.

It brought tears to my eyes watching Hazard repeatedly and single-handedly destroying and completely owning Kyle Walker and the whole Spurs defense as we felt bad for the Belgian at the end of the match. If only our defense had stepped up a bit that night..

Anyways, when the Belgian sets foot on the pitch tomorrow, with the Capital One Cup on the line, we can definitely expect the winger to be at his very best as he has been for Chelsea this whole season. Kyle Walker, primarily an attacking fullback, known for his lightning speed on the wings is certainly in for a very tough game and the Englishman would definitely require the help of his midfielders and fellow defenders if he expects to stop Hazard on his run, the idea of which is laughable anyway. Still, this could a fun and game-changing battle to watch out for tomorrow so do keep an eye on this!


The English Striker has been a revelation for Tottenham Hotspurs this season. With Mauricio Pochettino’s side lacking an obvious threat upfront, it was the young Harry Kane who provided that spark and presence at the top for the London side and he could be once again one of the most difficult customer to deal with for the Blues, when he starts at Wembley tomorrow.

We vaguely remember how the speed and the poaching abilities of the Striker posed some serious problems for the otherwise slow duo of Cahill and Terry as we met them last time around. As Mourinho has shown in the last few fixtures how he is not afraid to pair Kurt Zouma with John Terry at the back, whenever we are up against a fast and technical striker (Aguero, Sterling, Lukaku), we might see the young Frenchman up against the high flying Harry Kane tomorrow.

Sure, Kane can be a serious threat upfront but Zouma has proved his maturity time and time again for the Blues making this battle one of the most interesting and potentially a cup deciding one to look out for!


Diego Costa has obviously not been at his very best for the past few fixtures and even the Spaniard admits that. As per Costa:

“When I was at my best, I had that suspension that I still don’t even know why it happened. Now, I’m running a little bit behind, trying to do my best, working hard and hopefully I’ll be 100 percent.”

Well, really, no one quite knows or understand just about anything that has been happening to our players this season and Costa is certainly not alone in that regard. But, it’s safe to say that the Striker has lost a bit of his touch since his comeback which has made our life a bit difficult upfront. If he wishes to get his form back, this is the fixture he needs to do that and the Spaniard acknowledges that too:

“I don’t pick tournaments to score, or rivals or other teams to score against. I’m a striker, every game I play I want to score. If it hasn’t happened in the cup, I’m hoping to God it happens on Sunday.”

Coming up against a mistake-prone defender like Jan Vertonghen, this could be a golden chance for Diego Costa to do what Harry Kane precisely did to us the last time around. And if that happens we would have our revenge along with the Capital One Cup and I would be screaming Fuck yeah, in your face Spurs, FA, Martin Atkinson and whoever the fuck hates us, because here we are with a damn trophy while, you enviously watch us and all our fans around the world celebrate and get drunk. Make it happen Diego!

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Edited By: Ankur Bhatt

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