Chelsea vs Manchester City (1-1) – Player Ratings – Chelsea settle for a draw as the Showdown at the Bridge turns cagey

It was one of the most viewed broadcasts in recent times but the caginess in the game made it a tough game to watch for Chelsea fans as Mourinho was pretty happy to settle for a draw and maintain the 5 point lead. Man City came attacking in the second half and Chelsea absorbed all the pressure and end the game in a 1-1 draw.

Here are the player ratings for Chelsea players:

Thibaut Courtois: 6/10
He had his usual good moments in the game but he made a decisive error in goalkeeping that cost Chelsea a goal and would have made the difference in the game’s scoreline in favour of Chelsea. Had he not messed up the punch on a cross, Chelsea would have hung on to a 1-0 win.

Branislav Ivanovic: 6.5/10
He produced a great pass from his left foot to find Eden Hazard in the build-up to the opener. But he was looking lethargic after a brilliant performance in the midweek. He was pinched off the ball a few times in the game due to his indecisiveness in possession.

Kurt Zouma: 9/10 MOTM
He had a great game and proved himself against the toughest opponent in the league. He had good measure of Sergio Aguero denying him space to shoot and dribble while also had a solid game aerially and possession wise. His performance is bound to give positive selection headaches to Jose Mourinho.

John Terry: 8/10
He had a composed game at the back, leading Chelsea and organizing the deep block defence that Chelsea used against the high pressing Man City. He was wanted for speed on one occasion as he overcommitted himself and Aguero got through, but had a solid game otherwise.

Cesar Azpilicueta: 6.5/10
An unusually tough game for the Spaniard as he was tormented by Navas in the second half. Azpilicueta’s one footedness caught up to him as Navas is an out and out winger who went on the outside of the fullback to challenge his ability with the left foot, which Dave struggled to deal with. He caught up in the dying stages of the game though.

Nemanja Matic: 8.5/10
He was the bulldozer in the middle for Chelsea dominating the game with his tactical and defensive awareness. He was there whenever Chelsea needed him and had a good measure of David Silva in the middle. He sometimes delayed the release of the pass to get caught in possession, but otherwise had a great game.

Ramires: 8/10
He was running hard for the team and was a crucial element in Chelsea’s tactics. Perhaps he fit the role better than Fabregas as he went about tackling and winning possession and matched Fernando and Fernandinho physically. He didn’t offer the creativity that the Spaniard does, but he didn’t need to because Mourinho had planned this game defensively.

Oscar: 6/10
Oscar was used just for the sake of playing a midfielder, as he was just back defending and passing without purpose in a game where Chelsea looked only to be compact and solid and rather negative in approach. The Brazilian didn’t do anything wrong, but just did things as he was instructed.

Willian: 7/10
He looked sharp in a defensive game as Chelsea looked to stop the gaps. It suited Willian’s style as he put in the miles to stop the opposition and also ran a counter attacking threat once in a while. Despite that, his set-piece deliveries were rather poor.

Eden Hazard: 8/10
In a defensive set-up, Hazard didn’t have to do too much in terms of attacking and was just helping out Azpilicueta whenever necessary. But the one time he was really required to be decisive, was the time he produced a world class first-time cross for Loic Remy to poach in. He was also somewhat the only offensive threat Chelsea had in the game.

Loic Remy: 8/10
He was absolutely isolated for most part of the game. But he did his job of scoring a goal when Chelsea did attack. To his credit, he did run his heart out while challenging for loose balls or ambitious through passes. He would vouch for more starts as he has been prolific in the number of games he has been getting this season.

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