Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea (5-3) – Chelsea Best Player Analysis

It was a historic victory for Chelsea’s cross London rivals Spurs and a major setback for Chelsea to commence the year with a 5-3 defeat. This was a big defeat as this has disrupted Chelsea’s 3 points lead over title rivals Manchester City.

This was also an eye opener as many of the weaknesses of the squad were exposed and on the brighter side a few players played really well and stepped on the pitch with only one motto: victory. Azpilicueta, Fabregas, Hazard and Ramires were those players. There were no arguments over who was the best Chelsea player on the field, here’s an analysis of his brilliant performance in yesterday’s game.

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Eden Hazard Player Analysis: GHJB Rating 9.0/10

Yesterday revealed a completely different version of Eden Hazard that was more mature as he stepped on the pitch with a completely different mindset. He made a few runs towards the goal and perfectly demonstrated his pace which was never really exposed before. His dribbling was again world-class, his passing and vision was as good as always too.

Statistical Overview

Hazard is a very good passer of the ball and creates many chances when the counter attack is a setup. Yesterday he was involved in every Chelsea goal, his passing accuracy throughout the game was 81% and he also created 5 chances. He himself scored a goal, assisted by Fabregas. His pace was clearly manifested in that goal as he dispossessed the ball from opposition, carried it and created a chance for himself. He attempted 5 shots on goal out of which one went in, 3 were off target and 1 was saved by the keeper and stroked the post. His presence was also noticeable in the defensive third as well as he blocked 2 shots, intercepted the ball once and made 1 tackle which was unsuccessful.

New Picture

Overall it was a very good and a completely different performance by Eden. If this level performance continues his and Chelsea’s future is very bright. Despite the defeat it was a very good game for Eden and a few players, chin up and KTBFFH!!

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