Things We Learnt From Chelsea’s Draw Against Liverpool

It was a snowy night at the Anfield where Jose Mourinho’s men were tactically out-classed by Liverpool in a Capital One Cup clash. Liverpool were brilliant throughout the game as they did not give a moment of peace to Chelsea defence.

Liverpool dominated Chelsea in every aspect of the game they dominated on possession and they attempted 19 shots on goal whereas Chelsea only attempted 2 shots. Chelsea did score a goal which was a penalty by Eden Hazard. Now let us have a look at the things we learnt from this draw at the Anfield.

Ivanovic Needs To Improve or Revamp

Last night what we saw was a really poor version of a monstrous full back Ivanovic. As we observed most of the Liverpool attacks were initiated from the right-hand side of the pitch. Along with this his passing was also very poor, he misplaced many short passes and a few of his long range passes were not accurate. The reason behind this may be fatigue because Ivanovic has been playing nonstop week in week out. One more thing Mourinho can do with Ivanovic is use him as a central defender by partnering him with Gary Cahill, by doing this we can get the best out of Ivanovic and it will be really refreshing form him to play there.

Thibaut Courtois Is The Man!

Yesterday Thibaut’s performance was really amazing as he made many important saves and also showed some exciting footwork inside the box on many occasions. Without a keeper like Chelsea would have conceded at least 2-3 more goals. His game reading was excellent and his judgement to save long shots was also mesmerizing. Overall Courtois gave a brilliant performance caught and cleared many crosses and saved also saved many shots. If this level of performance continues we can expect big things from this world beater.

Ramires a Better Pick Over John Obi

Mikel is a very good passer and an excellent reader of the game who is an expert at ceasing opposition’s attack when they are pressing high up the field, but this is the only thing he is good at. Last night Mikel was easily dispossessed and was too slow to stop Liverpool’s counter attack created by Raheem Sterling and Markovic. Whereas Ramires in this case could have easily dealt with the pace of Sterling and also would have contributed in the attack. The midfield trio of Ramires, Fabregas and Matic has never failed and also has produced great results for example; the game versus Everton at Goodison Park.

Away Goal Advantage

Despite the draw it was an advantageous result as we have one away goal. The next game will be at Stamford Bridge where Chelsea have conceded only 3 goals in 21 Premier League games and are also unbeaten. This is a major advantage and also Liverpool don’t have an impressive record at Stamford Bridge. Hence the Chances of Chelsea going to Wembley are quite good.

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Edited By: Ankur Bhatt

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