Things Jose Mourinho Said In Interview Before Watford Game

Things Jose Mourinho Said In Interview Before Watford Game


‘I have Remy and Drogba and maybe I put Diego on the bench and I play Didier or Remy.’


‘The Championship clubs will be in a better condition than the Premier League clubs,’ explained the Portuguese. ‘At the same time, normally the Premier League clubs have more potential, more quality. One team has more quality but another team is fresh and ready for the game. So maybe matches between Premier League teams and Championship teams, this is a good way to level things.’

‘I watched a couple of Watford matches on TV and I have studied them. It looks to me as though they are a good team.’

‘It’s difficult for the players [the schedule], but it’s not difficult for my players, it’s difficult for every player. So, my respect to every player of every club; it’s hard to do it, it’s the only country where they do it and they do it with lots of pride.

‘We don’t have to analyse if it’s fair or not fair. It’s the reality. In relation to fixtures and accumulation of matches and fatigue – these kind of things – it is the way it is. We have to accept that.’


‘We try. In every game and every competition, we try. So the next game is FA Cup, let’s respect the competition, which is a beautiful one, and try to go all the way.’


Whether or not Eden Hazard is involved remains to be seen, and the manager praised the recent performances of the Belgian, despite the attempts of opposition defenders to limit his impact.

‘The first free-kick of every game is somebody kicking him,’ said the Portuguese. ‘He has fouls and fouls and fouls. I don’t see many yellow cards. Sometimes a yellow card is a consequence of violent conduct, but I also think that accumulation of small fouls is also violent conduct.

‘The kid is suffering the consequences of that, but playing amazingly well. Against Tottenham he was amazing. Even in the second half, with a difficult result to face, he had the determination to keep believing till the end. He was fantastic.’

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